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With 58,000 readers visiting the Yanchep News Online website for 92,000 sessions the Local Directory is an opportunity for you to be in front of this audience promoting your business and brand.

The website specialises in local stories for local residents and business owners with coverage of the northern suburbs of the City of Wanneroo and the Shire of Gingin.

Yanchep News Online has more than 3000 Facebook followers, 860 weekly local newsletter subscribers and about 500 Twitter followers actively seeking us out for their news.

According to Facebook Insights Yanchep News Online had a page reach of 27,908 in 2021.

The local directory helps promote your business and brand for only $120 a year ($10 a month).

This includes your business contact details, logo, brief info about your business and a link to your website or Facebook page.

Our online business directory will help local readers find your business and rank higher on google – our directory has had more than 6000 readers searching for businesses.

As a paid subscriber your business can take advantage of ongoing sponsored content and advertising (see terms and conditions below).

The benefits of listing your business on the Yanchep News Online Local Directory include one half price ad or sponsored content a year and 15 per cent off further ads or sponsored content with some differences depending on whether you are a yearly or monthly subscriber. *

Yanchep News Online specialises in local news so it is an opportunity to put your business in front of readers who may also be looking for local products and services.

*Terms and conditions:

  • The one half-price ad or sponsored content reduction is available to Local Directory businesses who are yearly subscribers as soon as their subscriptions are paid or renewed – the timing of the half-price ad depends on available ad space.
  • Once Local Directory businesses who are monthly subscribers have subscribed for 12 months they also qualify for one half-price sponsored content or ad – the timing of the half-price ad depends on available ad space.

It is a quick and simple process, to join the local directory:

Click on Submit Business Directory Listing below to register your business on the Local Directory:

The Yanchep News Online local directory is a good place to search for local businesses.

Having your business listed on Yanchep News Online will –

  • Enhance your online presence
  • Improve your local visibility
  • Allow your business to be discovered easily online
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Boost your SEO – search engine optimisation – think of it as votes for your business
  • Builds trust and improves credibility
  • Allows B2B networking
  • Inexpensive and year-round exposure
  • Tradies can advertise in their local area and work closer to home

The online directory can help you reach customers who don’t use social media.

Getting your business on the Yanchep News Online directory is quick and easy to set up but if you have any questions email or call 0427 115 049.

The local directory is free for not-for-profits and local sporting groups and they also benefit from sponsored content and ad packages (terms and conditions apply).

Sponsored content and ads

To help businesses and community groups promote themselves Yanchep News Online offers animated leaderboard ads, an animated MREC ad and two other right hand side animated ads.

Recently Yanchep News Online has also started offering inline ads, which appear within the stories.

The website also offers sponsored content (similar to advertorial in a newspaper but with the benefit of the content also posted on the website’s Facebook page as well as being tweeted).

The website’s newsletter, which includes the animated leaderboard ads and the sponsored content also has an ad spot which can be used by businesses on the local directory.

Yanchep News Online ® is your portal for news, sports, business and real estate in Yanchep, Gingin and the surrounding areas.

Animated ads cost from $200 to $450 per fortnight. *

Sponsored content costs $400 per fortnight.

* This price is for all ad material supplied but we can also have an ad made up for you – a charge is involved.

* Ad sizes are 728 by 90 pixels or 300 by 250 pixels.