Alkimos Central plans revealed

The Alkimos and Eglinton area is expected to be home to 60,000 people.

ALKIMOS Central will be a new city scale development between Butler and Yanchep in the northern coastal corridor.

This week the McGowan Government said the proposed transport-focused community surrounding the future Metronet station in Alkimos would provide a major jobs boost to Perth’s northern suburbs.

Alkimos is set to be the first new train station on the Yanchep rail extension and will form the focal point of the new Alkimos Central community.

The Western Australian Planning Commission recently approved the structure plan for Alkimos Central, which will become a hub for a projected population of 60,000 in the fully developed Alkimos-Eglinton district.

The LandCorp development will start in 2019 and represents a key Metronet precinct to be delivered in the northern suburbs.

Located on a 212ha parcel of land east of Marmion Ave, Alkimos Central will become a mix of residential, retail, recreational, entertainment and commercial uses.

The development is an integral part of LandCorp’s master plan for the Alkimos area, which comprises of four individual yet interconnected developments.

Alkimos Central is the city scale development, Alkimos Vista and Alkimos Beach are residential developments, and the future Alkimos foreshore development is planned to become an oceanfront destination with a mix of residential, retail and tourism developments.

Initial earthworks for the train station are expected to start in mid-2019, with Alkimos station expected to be operational in 2021.

Premier Mark McGowan said Alkimos Central would provide a boost of about 15,000 jobs in the northern suburbs, including construction jobs and new employment opportunities in the new precinct.

“Metronet is more than an integrated public transport plan connecting Perth’s suburbs,’’ he said.

“It’s also about creating communities where people can live and work, while being able to access services and public transport.

“Alkimos Central will provide the focal point for up to 13,500 local jobs needed in Alkimos and Eglinton to meet employment self-sufficiency targets, while the construction of the Yanchep rail extension is expected to generate more than 1600 jobs.

Transport and Lands Minister Rita Saffioti said the precinct provide access to transportation services to its residents, but also serve as a destination to visit, work and shop in its own right.

“It will feature a significant retail area, mixed density residential development, business and service industrial precincts, plus a civic and cultural zone,’’ she said.

“There are also plans for district playing fields and an indoor recreation centre.”