Brand Hwy upgrade part of federal 2020-21 Budget

The Morrison Government’s 2020-21 Budget includes funding to upgrade Brand Hwy between Gingin and Muchea. File picture

BRAND Hwy between Gingin and Muchea will get an upgrade as part of the Morrison Government’s infrastructure spend outlined in the 2020-21 Budget.

Pearce MHR Christian Porter said the Budget included $20 million to widen and resurface Brand Hwy from Muchea to Gingin.

Mr Porter said other projects in Pearce to receive funding included $88m for the Reid Hwy and West Swan Rd overpass and $124.8m in additional funding for the Ellenbrook rail line.

Funding for Mitchell freeway barrier upgrades is also in the Budget – the $26m package also includes money for Kwinana Fwy barrier upgrades.

He said work on the Roe Hwy and Great Eastern Hwy Bypass and Abernethy Rd and Great Eastern Hwy Bypass interchanges, and the Wheatbelt secondary freight network, would also be accelerated with $82m in funding having been brought forward.

Under the Morrison Government’s 2020-21 Budget about 1.2 million Western Australian taxpayers will receive tax relief for the 2020-21 financial year, with 1.1m taxpayers to receive up to $1080 for lower and middle income earners and $2160 for dual income families.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the government has provided $257 billion in direct economic support to cushion the blow and strengthen the recovery.

This includes $5b in Jobkeeper payments and $2.7b in cash flow boost credit amounts to Western Australian residents and entities.

GST payments to Western Australia are estimated to be $2.8b in 2020‑21 plus a $1.5b transitional GST top-up payment and health and hospitals funding has increased by $184.5 million compared with the 2019-20 budget.