Councillor says shopping centre at the end of its design life

Cr Paul Miles says the Two Rocks Shopping Centre is at the end of its design life, including that its buildings do not comply with today’s disability standards. Picture: Anita McInnes

A WANNEROO councillor says the Two Rocks Shopping Centre is at the end of its design life, including that its buildings do not comply with today’s disability standards.

Central-East ward councillor Paul Miles, who is also the Sun City Yacht Club commodore, said there had been change in the area in the past three years, including at the Two Rocks marina with more change coming.

Cr Miles made the comments while supporting a motion on notice moved by North ward councillor Chris Baker and seconded by North ward councillor Sonet Coetzee, which called for the City of Wanneroo to review the structure plan and local development plans for parts of the Two Rocks town centre

Cr Miles said the North ward councillors were asking the council to support the recommendation that administration start talking to the landowners in the Two Rocks town centre agreed local structure plan No. 70 (ASP 70) area about reviewing the plans although there were now different landowners than listed in the report.

He said the land had already changed significantly to meet the current ASP 70 works and he was aware of this due to sand getting blown into the yacht club grounds from the work that was going on.

“They are also progressing some of the new roads that go through there and making the whole area obviously I guess more attractive to some extent for the high-density housing that’s been listed,’’ he said.

“I do support the fact that it’s good that the proponent is going to have to do a new structure plan by 2025 or just around that (because) the decisions that were made back in 2014, design parameters, what the community was seeking, what business opportunities were available were totally different back then to what they are today and I can tell you back then in 2014 the community was asking for any sort of development because they were fed up with the old decrepit facilities that they had.

“Now over the last three years or so a lot of that’s been changing – the marina itself is changing significantly – there’s been some investment going down there.

There is a ramp to the left of the stairs at the entry of the Two Rocks Shopping centre but a Wanneroo councillor has raised concerns about the buildings complying with today’s disability standards. Picture: Anita McInnes

“You’ve got obviously the stuff that went through JDAP only a few months ago for a new centre.’’

Cr Miles said the current shopping centre being 40-years-old was at the end of its design life.

“It’s actually leaking water all over the place it has electrical problems all over the place and the owners of the property are needing to do something with that so I think you are going to see some significant changes when all of this starts to happen,’’ he said.

“But do I think the community needs to have an updated discussion and submission process?

“Yes I do because I think 10 years pretty much covers off on that.

“I think the precincts need to be looked at slightly differently and that would also incorporate some of the other stuff that’s going in there, that was never thought of back in 2014, the new RAAFA which is a retirement village that’s going in there, there’s going to be more people living there so there’s going to be (a) need for more serviceable retail outlets as opposed to a small bakery, a coffee shop, IGA and post office, which is pretty much all that is there now and an Indian restaurant and a tavern.’’

He not only thought the community needed a say but that the owner of the current shopping centre would probably invite that discussion as they were going to have to do some major works.

“The current buildings are no longer viable,’’ he said.

“They do not comply with anything to do with disability standards of today.’’

The amended motion on notice, which was carried unanimously, requested that the City of Wanneroo prepare outstanding local development plans (LDP) for land identified as precinct D and precinct E, review and determine the draft LDP No. 2 for precinct C and review the combined LDP (LDP No. 1) for precincts A and B.

Planning review sought for parts of Two Rocks town centre