Draft plans for industrial land released for public comment

A regional water management strategy has identified existing constraints and issues across much of the Muchea area including high groundwater levels and seasonal inundation.

DRAFT plans for the Muchea industrial park, which will have triple road train access to the state’s mining and agricultural region, are now available for public comment.

The Muchea industrial park is strategically located at the junction of key freight networks including the Tonkin Hwy extension (NorthLink WA), Great Northern Hwy and Brand Hwy.

regional water management strategy for the Muchea area prepared by Emerge Associates for the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) to help the Western Australia Planning Commission (WAPC) update the Muchea industrial park structure plan says investigations identified key existing constraints and issues across much of the Muchea area including high groundwater levels and seasonal inundation.

The Muchea area covered in the water management strategy covers about 6580ha in the Shire of Chittering and includes the Muchea townsite and categories such as agricultural resource, industrial development, light industrial and rural residential.

The investigations also identified some significant waterways and wetlands are located across the site, along with other environmental assets including threatened ecological communities and priority ecological communities.

It also identified big surface water flooded areas occur following minor and major rainfall events, limited water supply and wastewater servicing options exist due to the location and constraints of population-land uses across the Muchea area.

Investigations also identified a significant gap in monitoring data exists both spatially and temporally for groundwater levels, groundwater quality and surface water quality.

The regional water management strategy said development proposals within the Muchea area needed to address the data gaps and consider the environmental constraints and risk posed by proposed land uses and available water management measures, especially in relation to water quality (groundwater and surface water).

But according to the regional water management strategy report the strategy provides guidance regarding current infrastructure solutions, management measures, ongoing maintenance recommendations and relevant existing environmental considerations across the site for water resourcing and supply options, wastewater servicing, surface water management, groundwater management and waterway and wetland management.

The report said risks to water management across the Muchea area from proposed and potential land use changes could be managed through implementation of appropriate management measures but the ongoing maintenance of systems was key to ensuring the protection of water quality and environmental assets into the future.

The draft Muchea industrial structure plan, draft Muchea industrial park structure plan brochure, Muchea industrial demand and economic assessment, Muchea regional water management strategy and road network and RAV10 assessment are available at consultation.dplh

The draft structure plan seeks to facilitate industrial land development while incorporating measures to protect surrounding land uses and identified ecological functions, particularly those of the Ellen Brook, which is a tributary of the Swan River, and to reflect the park’s location in a rural setting.

The structure plan advises future development of precincts and implementation and canvasses staging options for the road network.

The Muchea industrial park road network and RAV 10 assessment said to minimise the potential impact of RAV driveways on the operation of the local distribution roads, access restrictions were proposed to be a minimum of 100m from the tangent point of the intersections.

“This provision minimises conflict by ensuring driveways are not located within auxiliary turn lanes, merges or reverse curves on the approach to roundabouts,’’ the assessment said. But the prohibited locations highlighted in the assessment were an approximation and would need to be confirmed as part of the detailed design and subdivision layout development.

Planning Minister Rita Saffioti said the Muchea industrial park structure plan provided a contemporary framework for future industrial development and capitalised on recent infrastructure investment to improve the road network for freight, taking advantage of the prime location.

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