Explore Yanchep caves in the holidays

Caves, fossils and the secrets of the water cycle can be enjoyed at Yanchep National Park during the school holidays.

VISIT Yanchep National Park in the July school holidays to explore wild caves and unlock the secrets of fossils, swamps and the water cycle when the Department of Parks and Wildlife hosts a range of Nearer to Nature activities.

Nearer to Nature programs officer Shaun New said children would be transported back in time and discover how tiny animals become trapped in limestone in Funky Fossils.

“Fossils are fascinating and during this program, children aged seven to 12 can learn about the earliest marine life and see how the weather shapes and alters limestone formations,” he said.

Funky Fossils will be held on Thursday, July 14 at Yanchep National Park and children will create a fossil to take home.

Adventure Caving is back and children aged eight to 14 will be plunged into a world of darkness in the Yanchep caves.

Dr New said the caving sessions allowed participants to enjoy the world of the underground as they crawled and explored their way through one of the park’s wild caves.

“They will also discover large chambers filled with stunning natural decorations such as stalactites, stalagmites and columns as they make their way through the cave by torchlight.”

Two sessions of Adventure Caving will take place on Friday, July 8 as well as Dewy Droplet’s Incredible Journey on July 14, targeting four to seven-year-olds.