Fluoride in Yanchep water maybe this summer

The Department of Health says if Yanchep needs more water this summer it will be fluoridated water.
FLUORIDE in Yanchep’s drinking water is likely to become a talking point in the community in the lead up to the March State Election.

On November 11 Fluoride Free WA, which describes itself as a not-for-profit and educational advocacy organisation said it had submitted an application to registration as a political party.

Earlier this year the Department of Health said Yanchep residents might be provided with fluoridated water from the Perth metropolitan supply during the summer of 2016-17 if it was necessary to supplement the local water supplies.

The department said it would work with the City of Wanneroo to keep the community fully informed and to answer resident queries.

On Thursday, November 17 the State Government said Western Australians had benefited from half a century of fluoridation (the Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1966 received royal assent 50 years ago) as fluoride safely reduced tooth decay risk for children and adults.

The Liberal National Government said it was committed to community consultation and expanding access to fluoridated drinking water, which would result in Yanchep having fluoridated drinking water in 2017.

In August the Department of Health more than 90 per cent of the Western Australian population, including the Perth metropolitan area, had benefited from fluoridation of water for more than 40 years.

“However Yanchep has not received the public health benefits of fluoridated water as it is currently supplied from a local bore source that is not linked to the Perth metropolitan supply,’’ a spokesman said.

“Community water fluoridation is an important, cost-effective public health measure which plays a critical role in reducing dental decay and improving oral health.

“The benefits and safety of fluoridation of public drinking water supplies are supported by overwhelming scientific evidence.’’

But Fluoride Free WA’s website said it advocated on issues of fluoride toxicity and the medical ethics relating to mandatory water fluoridation.

“Like many health experts worldwide, we believe that dental decay should be tackled through education and a healthy lifestyle, not through mass medication,’’ the website said.

“Since WA parliament introduced Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1966, there has been a growing body of evidence demonstrating the harmful health effects of consuming fluoride, with many communities around the world opting out of this practice every year.’’

On its Facebook page Fluoride Free WA said it was confident its registration would be accepted and it would be in a position to field candidates in March election.

The organisation said it was seeking people who would like to register their interest in becoming a candidate.