Flynn Dr land to be reserved for widening

Flynn Dr will need to be duplicated to operate safely and at a satisfactory level of service by 2031, according to the WAPC. Picture: Anita McInnes

FLYNN Dr is set to become part of a major transport corridor linking Wanneroo and Bullsbrook as their combined populations are forecast to grow to more than 1.19 million by 2050.

As part of catering for future road networks to service the area the Western Australian Planning Commission is seeking public comment on a proposal to amend the metropolitan region scheme to reserve land for the planned widening of Flynn Dr.

A commission report said Neerabup Rd, Flynn Dr, Neaves Rd and Rutland Road, form a major east-west link between Marmion Ave and Great Northern Hwy.

“This link intersects with major roads like Marmion Ave, Connolly Dr, Mitchell Fwy, Wanneroo Rd, the future Whiteman-Yanchep Hwy, NorthLink WA and the Great Northern Hwy,’’ the report said.

“Flynn Dr itself is a boundary road between Banksia Grove residential precinct and Neerabup industrial estate.

“Flynn Dr and Neaves and Rutland roads are important freight links and are designated as part of the restricted access vehicles road network.

“Flynn Drive is reserved under the metropolitan region scheme as an other regional road since 1992.

“Its section between Wanneroo Rd and Tranquil Dr is reserved as a category 1 other regional road (frontage access is not allowed). “Between Tranquil Dr and Old Yanchep Rd, the road is reserved as a category 3 other regional road (road reservation not accurately defined or is subject to review).”

The current metropolitan region scheme reserve width varies around 53m.

The report said the Wanneroo and Bullsbrook network link was of strategic importance.

“In the northwest sub region, it is estimated that there will be an additional population of 100,000 in the East Wanneroo area.

“Demand for freight and people movements will correlate to the population growth, thus generating a need for east-west regional connectivity in the northern areas of the metropolitan region scheme.’’

“In the draft north-west sub regional framework (WAPC, 2015) plan 1, there is the Neerabup industrial site.

“Areas north of and east of Neerabup including the Pinjar area have been earmarked as industrial expansion and industrial investigation areas.

“The industrial lands, as well as the urban expansion areas, will ultimately become employment nodes relying on a strong east-west link for connectivity and freight movements.

“At present, Flynn Dr is a two-lane, undivided road operating within its capacity at 1600-3200 vehicles per day (MRWA traffic digest, average weekday traffic, 2015).

“The traffic is composed of 35-40 per cent heavy vehicles – on weekends, the traffic volume is significantly lower.

“With urban and industrial growth, the road is forecast to carry between 20,000 and 30,000 vehicles a day by 2051 (Department of Transport, strategic transport evaluation model, 2016).

“It is anticipated that Flynn Dr will need to be duplicated to operate safely and at a satisfactory level of service by 2031.’’

Submissions close on Friday, November 10.

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