Flynn Dr widening key to Meridian Park

Some overhead transmission power lines on Flynn Dr may need to be relocated when the road is duplicated. Picture: Anita McInnes

THE widening of Flynn Dr – a key piece of infrastructure for Meridian Park – is one of Wanneroo MLA Sabine Winton’s top 10 advocacy projects.

Ms Winton said dualling Flynn Dr was vital to development in the Neerabup industrial area.

The Department of Planning has called for public submissions on a proposed amendment to transfer about 3.76ha of land in the City of Wanneroo to other regional roads reservation and 0.3ha from other regional roads to parks and recreation reservation in the metropolitan regional scheme.

Submissions close on Friday, November 10.

A report on the proposed amendment said there were utilities and communication infrastructure within and abutting the existing other regional roads reserve – of significance the Western Power overhead transmission lines, underground ATCO Gas and a 375mm water mains.

Also the existing topography was undulating creating a number of road crests and sags along with two existing significant road curves.

Spatial data indicated there were threatened and priority fauna at several locations along and within 200m of the edge of the other regional roads reserve.

But the report said there did not appear to be any protected flora species within the 200m distance.

“There is a 250mm steel high pressure pipeline crisscrossing along the whole length Flynn Dr from Wanneroo Rd to Old Yanchep Rd,’’ the report said.

“A 375mm water main is present from Mather Dr to Old Yanchep Rd.

“There are overhead transmission power lines running on the north and south side of the existing Flynn Dr.’’

This meant that when the road was duplicated, the section of the transmission line between Mather Dr and Lot 901 would need to be relocated.

Western Power also has an underground distribution network along Flynn Drive and the report said subject to detailed road design, there may be a need to relocate some of the services when the road was duplicated.

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