Gingin broiler farm to get free range shed

The Shire of Gingin has approved a free range shed for a Bambun broiler farm despite the WAPC’s concerns about buffers and bird numbers.

THE Shire of Gingin has approved a free range poultry shed to house 38,000 birds and a feed silo at an intensive broiler farm on Airfield Rd in Bambun.

The shire said the development application was consistent with state policies and the objectives of the shire’s general rural zone but also said it received advice from the Department of Agriculture and Food on 15 July that it was unable to determine its position on the proposal without further information.

Also according to an officer’s report the Western Australian Planning Commission said it appeared the proposal would reduce the existing separation distance between poultry sheds on Lot 3686 and the dwelling on Lot 3687, Airfield Rd, and would introduce an additional 38,000 birds.

“This may intensify impacts to the resident of Lot 3687 and result in a separation distance that is less than that recommended by the state’s environmental agencies,’’ the report quoted.

The officer’s report said it should be noted that the adjoining dwelling on Lot 3687 was granted a building licence in January 1991. “However, the current state of the building is not fit for human habitation,’’ the report said.

“But for the purposes of this assessment, it has been taken into consideration as the closest sensitive land use.

“The adjoining landowner was advised in writing of the proposal and made no submission of objection.

“Therefore, it is concluded that the adjoining landowner has no concerns with regards to the poultry farm expansion.

“Officers have assessed the impacts of the reduced buffer distances to the farm boundary and consider that they will have no adverse impact upon the surrounding amenity.


“The proposed poultry shed is set back approximately 30m from the shed to the closest working bore and 18m from the back up bore.

“The buffer distance provided is similar to the existing buffer distances that are provided from the existing poultry sheds to the bores.

“Furthermore, the proposal was referred to the Department of Water for comment who assessed the proposal and do not object to the proposed free range poultry shed.

“The poultry farm is an existing land use that has been operating for the past 23 years without issues (as far as the shire is aware). “Furthermore, the proposal was advertised to surrounding landowners and no submissions were received outlining any concerns.’’

When the councillors voted unanimously to approve the development application they set some conditions including the poultry shed design and management, management of stock feed, water, waste products and all other aspects of poultry farm operation should comply with the management guidelines set out in the Western Australian Broiler Growers Association and Poultry Farmers Association of Western Australia – Environmental Code of Practice for Poultry Farms in Western Australia, May 2004 with management plan(s) being made available at the shire’s request and to its satisfaction.

At its July 19 general meeting President David Roe declared an impartiality interest on the grounds that the applicants were well known to him and he was about to go on holidays with them.