Help cheer up a child at PCH during Buddy Drive

Kelly Grant is organising a Buddy Drive fundraiser for children in Perth Children’s Hospital, which residents, families and businesses can support. Picture: Anita McInnes

YANCHEP residents can provide presents for children in Perth Children’s Hospital via Grant Your Wishes, which is now an official and authorised fundraiser for Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Grant Your Wishes director and founder Kelly Grant has organised a Buddy Drive whereby families and businesses can sponsor a Buddy and a child in Perth Children’s Hospital will receive one Buddy with a note saying “With love” from the family or business.

Mrs Grant said all proceeds from the fundraiser would be donated to the Perth Children’s Hospital.

“It’s a personal giveback for the support, services and treatment they provide my daughter,’’ she said.

To select a Buddy visit

Then reach out to Mrs Grant on or

or call her on 0460 026 616 to arrange the note and delivery.

The fundraiser finishes on Tuesday, November 30.