Honey bees to visit Yanchep shops

The flora of Swan Coastal Plain, which includes Yanchep, is the key to a vibrant honey bee industry.

THE Honey Bee Product MeetUp group which meets at the Y.hub each month is joining in the Health Expo at the Yanchep Central Shopping Centre on Saturday, February 23.

CRC for Honey Bee Products chief executive officer Liz Barbour said they will have a display of honey bees (safely) so families can see from hive to product, lots of honey as well as a range of new health products that have been made using local honey, wax, propolis.

“We live in a honey bee mecca – unique native bush and healthy honey bees,’’ Dr Barbour said.

“As people will be seeing from the newspapers, world-wide honey is becoming a rare commodity so there has been adulteration issues to ‘extend’ the product.

“Beekeeping practices followed over the last 200 years here in Western Australia have kept our bees healthy, producing honey bee products of a quality that is difficult to find elsewhere.  

“This is especially true of the Swan Coastal Plain (which includes Yanchep), whose flora is the key to this vibrant industry.”