Some Indian Ocean Dr drivers dice with death

Lancelin Police charged a driver caught doing 159km/h on Indian Ocean Dr this week. Picture: Lancelin Police

DRIVERS are still speeding on Indian Ocean Dr where Lancelin Police stopped a car allegedly doing nearly 50km/h above the speed limit on Friday, September 1.

After charging the driver Lancelin Police tweeted: “Beyond words and logic – on a wet road – just sheer lunacy – car seized and date with a Magistrate.’’

They asked drivers to please adhere to the road rules and arrive safe.

On the weekend Police and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts held a press conference about the road and provided recent examples of people putting themselves and other road users in danger.

Mrs Roberts said 10 people had died on the road since the start of 2016 but still people were ignoring the speed limits.

“Just in the last few days we’ve got evidence of a P plate driver that’s crossed onto the wrong side of the road over a solid white line on a bend,’’ she said.

“Now that’s just dicing with death.

“We’ve also had evidence of a motorcyclist going 187km/h within the last few days and someone driving a Hyundai with two passengers going at 155km/h.

Mrs Roberts said most people had got the message and were doing the right thing but some people were still driving too fast on the road.

She said the government wanted to stop people from being killed and injured on the road but they could not do that while people continued to drive at 140 or 150km/h or more.

The suite of measures she announced to improve safety on the road included greater police enforcement, variable speed signs (put in the past 24 hours) and extra passing lanes.

She said $7 million of federal funding was being brought forward so the first passing lanes would be built by the middle of next year and the second lanes by the end of next year.

Yanchep News Online understands the passing lanes will be built between the Ledge Point and Seabird turn-offs.

Mrs Roberts said the passing lanes on their own would not stop accidents on the road – drivers needed to take responsibility for themselves and think about others who might be travelling in the opposite direction because if they were involved in a head-on crash at high speed there was little chance of survival.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti arranged through Main Roads WA for the federal funding to be brought forward.

Concern about Indian Ocean Dr not new