Innovation one key to Neerabup jobs

The Neerabup Industrial Area is expected to supply 20,000 jobs in the City of Wanneroo and set a new standard for industrial parks.

The Neerabup Industrial Area is projected to create 20,000 jobs. What do we want to do differently to ensure we achieve this? This is the fifth part of a feature on the Wanneroo Jobs Summit 2018. The City of Wanneroo welcomes your feedback and comments.



THE City of Wanneroo’s recent 2018 Job Summit explored areas of growth, innovation and potential collaboration towards reaching its 100,000 new jobs target.

The Neerabup Industrial Area (NIA), is ideally located to meet the business needs of Perth’s rapidly growing North-West corridor.

Only 4km from the Mitchell Freeway and close to residential growth, NIA is expected to supply roughly 20,000 of these job growth opportunities.

Neerabup’s Design Guidelines ensure the best possible use of its 600ha of developable land.

This includes resourceful deployment of water and energy as well as the harnessing of solar and green power.

Along with strong broadband connectivity, security and well placed social amenities Neerabup will be uniquely positioned as an innovative green-tech urban space.

The vision is for NIA to set a new standard for industrial parks in Western Australia.

Neerabup’s focus on innovation is a theme which stretches across its infrastructure planning and is incorporated in its economic development strategy.

The objective is to attract future-facing businesses that will provide employment self-sufficiency for the region.

Mechanisms to draw new and emerging smart industries and ‘knowledge workers’ which complement our local economic context and support strong future job growth, are central to the City of Wanneroo’s Strategic Community Plan and investment attraction strategy.

In line with this vision, a commercial hub within Neerabup will furnish its business community with services to include banking facilities, cafés, non-vehicle access areas and recreational spaces. These attracting factors will contribute towards drawing innovative industry to the area.


To pioneer a way forward in respect of future business and industry in the region, a suggested starting point which emerged from the Job Summit is that of expanding innovation within existing business activities that are already underway.

Presently, Neerabup’s primary business clusters comprise building and construction, mining and automotive.

Feedback from industry thought leaders at this year’s Job Summit concurred with sentiments expressed in the City of Wanneroo’s Strategic Community Plan in that the City’s role as an enabler is key, particularly in respect of:

  • Strategic development to create environments that will attract industries into the area (as in the case of NIA),
  • Making it easier for businesses to operate and grow, identify, plan and protect land for businesses,
  • Providing strong access to information, connectivity and services,
  • Encouraging educational institutions to locate in the City, and
  • Promoting early adoption of innovative technology by business and community.

Through backing business innovation, as well as collaborating with stakeholders to facilitate economic growth, the City will significantly assist Neerabup target industry investment – and certainly move closer to reaching the overarching 100,000 jobs goal.

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