Lucky escape for Moore River kayaker

Two Rocks Volunteer Marine Rescue’s Gaurdian 1 rescued a woman who was washed out to sea after the Moore River broke through the sandbar at the river mouth yesterday. File picture

A WOMAN who was swept out to sea in her kayak after getting caught in a rip near the mouth of the Moore River was rescued by a Two Rocks Volunteer Marine Rescue boat on Saturday, October 13.

On Sunday Two Rocks Volunteer Marine Rescue deputy commander Brian Nalder said about 2.40pm the rescue service had received a call from Water Police after the woman’s husband, who had been watching from the shore when she was washed out to sea, notified police.

Mr Nalder said Guardian 1 with skipper Matt Lee and crewman Jim Smith left the Two Rocks marina about 3pm and headed to Guilderton, which is on the mouth of the Moore River.

On their way there the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue helicopter passed overhead.

The helicopter pilot spotted the woman, who was no longer in her kayak, bobbing up and down in the water.

He dropped a smoke flare to show the crew of Guardian 1 her position.

Within a minute or two of the flare being dropped the Two Rocks crew pulled up beside the woman, who WA Police said was a 63-year-old Success resident.

Mr Nalder said Mr Lee and Mr Smith got the woman aboard and started administering first aid.

They said the woman was wearing a wetsuit but she was very cold and her lips were blue.

She estimated she had been in the water for more than an hour and a half before they rescued her.

A decision was made that the woman needed to be seen by a paramedic so the RAC Rescue helicopter, which was not too far away, was diverted to the area.

The Moore River sandbar on a quieter day. Pictures: Anita McInnes
The Moore River sandbar on a quieter day. Pictures: Anita McInnes

When the Rescue helicopter arrived a female paramedic was lowered to the boat.

The paramedic deemed the woman did not need to be picked up by the rescue helicopter.

The rescued woman and the paramedic stayed on board the Guardian 1 while it returned to the Two Rocks marina.

A St John Ambulance crew was waiting there to meet them when they arrived about 4.20pm.

Mr Nalder said the Guardian 1 crew told him the ambulance officers took their time getting the woman back onto her feet but she was then able to walk to the ambulance with some assistance.

The RAC Rescue helicopter landed at the marina to pick up the paramedic who had attended the woman while the rescue boat returned back to Two Rocks.