Moussilmani wins Lancelin marathon

Some of the action in the Lancelin Ocean Classic held at Lancelin on Sunday, January 17. Picture: Neil Pryde

LANCELIN Ocean Classic marathon champion Cyril Moussilmani finished the 25km Windsurfing Marathon in under 30 minutes.

Moussilmani who lives in Marseille in the south of France said he did not do any special preparation for the marathon but just took part in as much sport as he could.

He said he started windsurfing when he was nine-years-old.

“I surf after windsurfing and as well as SUP (stand up paddle board) surfing”,’’ he said.

“I (also) practice other sport like ski, wakeboard but just for fun.’’

After becoming the 31st winner of the marathon Moussilmani said he was proud to win the Lancelin marathon and it had given him a good start to the year.

Ranked the 2015 8th overall slalom in the Professional Windsurfers Association World Tour Moussilmani said he would next compete in South Korea in the first Professional Windsurfers Association slalom 2016 World Championship.

“I love windsurfing in WA, one of my favourite places in the world…the wind was a bit up and down which made it a bit hard but such a great race, I love the format and I just wish there were more races like this.”

The Lancelin Ocean Classic organisers said the 25km event, held this year on Sunday, January 17, was one of the longest windsurfing marathons in the world.

Female world windsurfing speed record-holder Karin Jaggi from Switzerland was the first woman to cross the finish line.

Olly Bridge from the United Kingdom was the fastest athlete overall to complete the 25km between Ledge Point and Lancelin grabbed the top spot in the Kitesurfing Marathon against tough competition.