New college will attract people to Yanchep

Capricorn Beach estate manager Richard Cull says infrastructure projects such as the new Yanchep Secondary College and the Yanchep rail line will increase the demand for housing in the area.

WITH the start of a new school year, the importance of educational facilities in the Perth property market is once again in focus.

Traditionally, high quality educational facilities have been an important driver for property values in Perth suburbs as they encourage families with children to relocate into those areas.

This educational factor has had positive impacts on the suburb of Yanchep following the opening of the new $57 million Yanchep Secondary College in the last week of January 2018.

The opening of the new Yanchep Secondary College has been part of the reason for a lift of interest in the Yanchep property market, according to Capricorn Beach estate manager Richard Cull.

Mr Cull said that the new secondary college would be a major catalyst in encouraging more young families to relocate to Yanchep.

“In the lead up to the opening of Yanchep Secondary College, Capricorn Beach estate recorded a major lift in enquires from families with teenage children who wanted access to this new facility whilst being close to the ocean,’’ he said.

“The new Yanchep Secondary College is a major investment in educational facilities for Yanchep, with stage 1 of the college that has just opened costing $57 million.

“When fully complete, the new college is expected to cater for about 1500 students.

“Yanchep is already the fastest growing suburb in Perth and this state-of-the-art college will be a major asset for the local community and its future growth.

“Prospective property buyers at Capricorn Beach estate often ask about the quality of schools in the area because many people wanting to move to a coastal location like Yanchep, have young children.

“For example, the latest Census figures show that Yanchep has a very high rate of young children with 24.6 per cent or around one quarter of residents aged 14 years or younger compared to the national average of 19 per cent.

“This new college will now provide excellent educational facilities for Year 7-11 students from 2018 and then through to Year 12 students from 2019.

“This new secondary college in Yanchep provides families with a state-of-the-art secondary school in their very own neighbourhood.

“It has specialist facilities including science laboratories, information technology workshops, and food and textile studios, and opportunities for visual arts, dance, music and media.’’

The opening of the Yanchep Secondary College also signals the start of a big increase in infrastructure growth in the area during the next few years that will include the new $500 million Yanchep rail line and a major new district multi-sports facility.

“All of these new infrastructure projects should propel further population growth in the area and increase the underlying demand for housing.

“Currently, buyers can secure house and land packages at Capricorn Beach from just $351,500 that are only 600m from the beach.

“This is about $150,000 lower than the median house price in Perth, meaning it is a very good time buy in Capricorn Beach right now.’’