New pathways for Yanchep Lagoon

Residents can comment on pathways and trails the City of Wanneroo is proposing for Yanchep Lagoon. Picture: Anita McInnes

THE City of Wanneroo is inviting residents to have their say about new trails and pathways proposed for the Yanchep lagoon area.

In a letter dated January 5 the city said the planned trails and pathways included four pedestrian pathways from ­- Yanchep Beach Rd to Capricorn Esplanade, Brazier Rd to the upper lookout area, Newman Rd to the access track up to the upper lookout area and from Fisherman’s Hollow to the upper lookout area.

When Yanchep News Online asked visitors – including residents from Lagoon Dr, Trumpeter Pde, Redruth Crt, Kaiber Ave, Golf Estate and Capricorn Estate – to the lagoon in the past two weekends whether they had heard about the proposal they all said they knew nothing about it.

The concept plans show the proposed pedestrian access (a 540m concrete footpath, 2.5m wide) from Yanchep Beach Rd to Capricorn Esplanade will require a road upgrade, lighting and conservation fencing and that there would be land issues to resolve and development and clearing approvals required.

The proposed pedestrian access from Brazier Rd to the upper lookout area (unsuitable for vehicular access) was for a 240m crushed limestone track with conservation fencing on both sides or an alternative route to avoid a steeper path, for which a survey was required and clearing approval may be required.

The proposed pedestrian access from Newman Rd to connect to the access track up to upper lookout area is proposed to be a 110m crushed limestone track to formalise the existing sand track but a survey was needed and clearing approval may have to be sought.

The concept designs show pedestrian access from Fisherman’s Hollow to the upper lookout area will require about 50m elevated stairs (steel or a composite material) to replace the existing track up the dunal embankment and that surveys and clearing approval will be required.

Pockets of revegetation mainly about 700sqm north of the upper lookout area but also south and east of Brazier Rd will be needed to prevent additional access and an environmental survey may be required to determine the exact amount of revegetation.

The proposal allows for the access around the existing surf club to the beach to be removed and rehabilitated with requiring about 920sqm of dunal revegetation.

Under the plans it appears that other ideas including that the beach access south of the existing surf club would be considered as part of a Picnic Cove redevelopment proposed to be carried out by others than the city.

To view the concept designs visit

The community consultation period closes at 5pm on Monday, February 8.

The City of Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts said final costs for the pathways and trails were yet to be determined.

Mrs Roberts said after the community consultation process was completed, the trails master plan would be listed for consideration in the 20 year capital works budget and that implementation of the master plan would be subject to available funding.

“Works at Yanchep Lagoon on city-owned land will be carried out by the city, including the re-development of Picnic Cove, which is currently in the design phase,” she said.

“The project is currently listed for completion in the 2016-17 financial year.”

She said the barbeques at Picnic Cove had been removed but not relocated.

“Installation of barbeques will be considered as part of the redevelopment at Picnic Cove and the city will strive to make the area as practical and enjoyable as possible for the community.’’

“The city sent letters to 381 residents advising them of the proposed trails and pathways.

“Letters are usually sent to those living within a 400m radius of any planned works.’’