Newman Rd servo an ‘outrageous’ entry to Yanchep Lagoon

Warrick Palmateer and Ken Sambell (pictured here) are among the Yanchep residents opposed to a service station being built on the corner of Newman and Yanchep Beach roads. Picture: Anita McInnes

YANCHEP resident Warrick Palmateer says it is outrageous to consider having a service station about 500m from the foreshore, as the entry statement to Yanchep Lagoon.

Mr Palmateer said he feels deflated and angry about the City of Wanneroo recommending approval for a service station on the corner of Newman  and Yanchep Beach roads.

He also said the process allowing BP Australia and landowners Goa Investments to bypass the City of Wanneroo and apply directly to the Metro North-West joint development assessment panel (JDAP) for approval had totally nullified the local community’s many concerns with the proposal.

Metro North-West JDAP members are meeting to decide whether to approve  the proposed service station on Monday, November 19.

He was very disappointed there would be no representation from any elected North Coast ward councillor on the JDAP, which has five members.

“Russel Driver who is our local ward representative has given his apologies (I hope it is a very good reason) and the elected Wanneroo ward councillors will be Frank Cvitan and Samantha Fenn who will be tasked to hopefully represent the community,’’ he said.

“I find this very difficult to accept as neither of them have been elected by the local Yanchep community and have not been part of any consultation as far as I know with the Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association (TRYRA) or present at any of the community meetings at the proposed site that addressed the concerns associated with this development.

“What accountability do Cr Samantha Fenn and Cr Frank Cvitan have with the local Yanchep community.

“We will not be voting for them in the next City of Wanneroo elections.

“The whole process does its best to invalidate the communities concerns and push forward the developers interests.’’

City of Wanneroo acting chief executive officer Noelene Jennings said the city’s role in the JDAP process was to assess the application and prepare a responsible authority report, including a recommendation on the proposal, as well as recommended conditions for JDAP consideration.

Ms Jennings said in accordance with regulation 26 of the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panel) Regulations 2011 Council is required to nominate four elected members comprising two local council members and two alternate local council members to the JDAP.

She said their appointment was determined by Transport, Planning and Lands Minister Rita Saffioti for a two-year period.

At a special council meeting held on October 31, 2017, Cr Frank Cvitan and Cr Russell Driver were confirmed as having been appointed to the JDAP with their term ending April 26, 2019.

She said any leave of absence for a JDAP meeting was at the discretion of the presiding member of the panel.

“The city is not party to reasons for absence,’’ she said.

“However, it is noted the alternate local member for Cr Russell Driver is Cr Samantha Fenn, who will be in attendance at the JDAP meeting for this application.

Mr Palmateer said he had applied to provide a deputation at the JDAP meeting outlining his objections to the development being sited on the corner of Newman and Yanchep beach roads.

“Hopefully I will be granted five minutes of their time to convince the panel just how important the Yanchep Lagoon precinct is to the community and that a development such as the proposed convenience store, BP petrol station, two showrooms and 6m high sign should be planned and located further back from the foreshore precinct – preferably at a location that is part of an overarching plan for the future city of Yanchep,’’ he said.

“I could not imagine that a development like this would be allowed to be built this close to the foreshore of Prevelly, Yallingup and Gracetown on the South West coast due to the significant value placed on these locations both culturally and environmentally in Western Australia.

“The Yanchep Lagoon is equally as significant and unfortunately ‘piece-meal development’ without consideration of an overarching plan for this precinct will significantly impact on the potential for the Yanchep Lagoon foreshore to continue to be seen as one of the jewels in the crown of the Western Australian coastline.’’

He said it was outrageous a proposed service station only 500m from Yanchep Lagoon could become the area’s entry statement.

“If the City of Wanneroo is serious about creating an iconic beach-side destination for the northern suburbs and pay respect to the history and heritage of the site as stated in the outline for the Yanchep Lagoon master plan that is currently on the City of Wanneroo’s website for comment then this proposal must be at least halted and further consultation sought from the community and elected local ward councillors before a final decision is made.

“Development this close to the Yanchep Lagoon needs to be planned sensitively and unobtrusively.

“With careful and insightful planning, alongside intelligent local government policies, the Yanchep Lagoon precinct can be developed to offer contemporary coastal services for the expanding local community as well as national and international tourists while also protecting the natural beauty of this very special area.’’

Mr Palmateer said he asked Mayor Tracey Roberts to find time before the JDAP meeting to have a talk to both Cr Samantha Fenn and Cr Frank Cvitan and convey the community’s concerns as well as her own concerns about the development as the community felt dis-empowered and undermined with the approval process.

Yanchep News Online asked the city if it was a reality that councillors sitting on JDAPs do not need to be familiar with residents’ concerns as it was more about them being familiar with the planning process.

Ms Jennings said all members of the JDAP were provided with the responsible authority report which included a summary of submissions containing all of the issues raised during consultation.
“All those who made a submission have an opportunity to make a deputation to the JDAP to outline their views on the proposal,’’ she said.

“Everyone who made a submission has been informed that they are able to do so and how to go about it.’

There will be eight deputations, including one for the proponents of the proposal and one by a representative from Pearce MHR Christian Porter’s office, given at the meeting.

The meeting to be held at the City of Wanneroo’s council chambers starts at 2pm.

Meanwhile, the City of Wanneroo is inviting local residents and businesses to a planning and design forum at Splendid Park Yanchep on Wednesday, November 28 from 9am to 3pm and on Thursday, November 29 from 9am to 5pm to help the city shape the future of the Yanchep Lagoon and surrounding area.

Disclosure: The journalist is a nearby landowner.