Old Yanchep no access to deep sewerage

The Water Corporation expects the Two Rocks Yanchep wastewater upgrade will start west of Marmion Ave.

OLD Yanchep residents hoping the Two Rocks Yanchep wastewater upgrade due to start next year will give them access to deep sewerage will be left disappointed.

Water Corporation spokeswoman Clare Lugar said the wastewater upgrade, which could start on Yanchep Beach Rd west of Marmion Ave, was separate to the State Government’s infill sewerage program.

Instead the utility’s 12-month long upgrade would be to existing infrastructure, which was nearing the end of its service life, and to cater for future population growth.

“This work will also provide connections for the new Atlantis Beach development along Breakwater Dr,’’ she said.

The utility wrote to affected residents on August 24 asking them to provide feedback on the project and to date 10 residents had made enquiries about the upgrade.

“We are in discussions with the City of Wanneroo on the proposed pipeline route and location of the new pump station.

“Should the project proceed we expect it to start west of Marmion Ave.’’

She said the infill sewerage program was a Western Australian Government initiative administered by the Water Corporation.

“The $50 million currently committed to the program to 2018 has been fully allocated to high priority projects.

“However, the Minister for Water reviews project priorities and funding allocation annually.

“Since it began in 1994, the primary objective of the program has been to mitigate the public health and environmental risks posed by septic systems in Perth and regional centres.

“Project priorities have therefore always been determined primarily in accordance with public health and environmental considerations.

“Several areas in Two Rocks and Yanchep have been identified as potential infill project areas however, they are not included in the current program as there are significantly higher priority areas elsewhere.’’

Disclaimer: The writer is an Old Yanchep resident.

Two Rocks and Yanchep Beach wastewater upgrade