Prohibited burning extends to March 31

During the prohibited burning period open cooking or camp fires are prohibited. File picture

THE prohibited burning period in the Shire of Gingin has been extended until Sunday, March 31.

During this time no burning is permitted for any reason – this includes open cooking or camp fires.

Once the prohibited burning period ends restricted burning will apply until May 31.

During restricted burning periods residents and landowners need to apply for a permit to burn.

Cooking and camp fires are not permitted in restricted burning periods without a valid permit.

To help control and prevent the spread of bushfires within the Shire of Gingin, all owners and occupiers of land in the shire are required to clear firebreaks and maintain those firebreaks during a specific period  – generally November to May – each year.

For more information contact the Shire of Gingin on 9575 2211.