Push to engage Northern Corridor businesses

Wanneroo Business Association with support from the Satterley Property Group is keen to increase membership and advocacy in the Northern Corridor, including Butler.

WANNEROO Business Association has formed a partnership with Brighton estate to support businesses in the Northern Corridor, which includes the suburbs of Yanchep, Eglinton, Alkimos, Two Rocks, Jindalee and Butler.

The three year agreement is part of the Brighton community development and sponsorship program geared towards community capacity building and is the result of Satterley Property Group and Wanneroo Business Association formalising a long standing relationship.

Brighton’s community development program has been active since 2002, and is known for its many community events, as well as being instrumental in the establishment of the community garden and supporting the start-up of various clubs and sporting groups.

Satterley community development manager Amy Blundell said one of Brighton’s main community development objectives had been the promotion of local economic growth and sustainability.

“This ties in with the objectives of the Wanneroo Business Association, so the partnership makes sense,” she said.

A Wanneroo Business Association press release said as land sales at Brighton estate reach completion, the partnership was testament to Satterley’s commitment to leaving a strong and sustainable community to thrive once the estate was fully completed.

“The financial support is being provided to support the WBA extend up into the northern growth corridor in terms of both membership and advocacy,’’ the press release said.

“This will mean that home based and local businesses can reach out into the WBA community to connect and create further opportunities in the local area.

“An official sponsorship presentation will take place at a WBA Business Breakfast on Wednesday, June 15, which will also launch a two-day business expo for local businesses to showcase themselves.’’

For more information on the business expo call Lauren on 9206 3888 or visit wanneroobusiness.com