Quarry owner concerned about RAVs exiting Guilderton Rd

Main Roads WA says the sight distance at the Guilderton Rd and Indian Ocean Dr intersection exceeds the minimum required and the upgrade now underway will allow it to safely accommodate RAV access. Picture Anita McInnes

MAIN Roads WA says restricted access vehicles, which can be carrying sand or other bulk materials, will be able to safely turn right off Guilderton Rd onto Indian Ocean Dr, once roadworks are completed.

But Moore Sands owner Greg Murray said he has long had concerns about the sight line for trucks – measuring a maximum of 27.5m in length and a maximum mass of 87.5 tonnes – doing a right hand turn from Guilderton Rd onto Indian Ocean Dr.

He also has concerns about the speed and volume of traffic on that section of the road.

Mr Murray said as an interim measure in April 2016 Main Roads WA said it would clear vegetation on the eastern embankment through the curve to the south to obtain maximum sight distance.

But he said this still did not give an adequate sight line for restricted access vehicles (RAVs).

In an email in April 2017 Main Roads WA agreed the safest way for Mr Murray’s trucks to exit his property was from a temporary access point on Indian Ocean Dr near the entry to Sovereign Hill estate.

For about three years he has been using this access point but he has been told he will have to close that entrance, which means that six days a week his trucks will have to leave his quarry via Guilderton Rd and then from there onto Indian Ocean Dr.

A Main Roads WA spokeswoman said Moore Sands was advised in 2014 that the only access point to the property must be via Guilderton Rd.

“Despite this advice Moore Sands constructed an unapproved access point directly onto Indian Ocean Dr without the required approvals or traffic impact assessment being conducted,’’ she said.

“Subsequent negotiations between Main Roads and Moore Sands resulted in the temporary approval of the access point until the intersection of Indian Ocean Dr and Guilderton Rd could be upgraded to safely accommodate restricted access vehicle (RAV) access.

“Upon completion of the Indian Ocean Dr-Guilderton Rd intersection upgrades (expected to be completed soon), Moore Sands will be instructed to formally close the temporary access point to Indian Ocean Dr and revert to using the existing access via Guilderton Rd, in compliance with the conditions imposed by the Shire of Gingin.’’

The spokeswoman said a RAV assessment of the 1.7km section of Guilderton Rd along with the new configuration of the intersection of Indian Ocean Dr was conducted in March.

The assessment determined the sight distance at the intersection of Guilderton Rd and Indian Ocean Dr exceeded the minimum sight distance required for a RAV driver on Guilderton Rd to see a sufficient gap in oncoming traffic to enable them to clear the intersection safely and enter Indian Ocean Dr.

She said the swept path assessments (calculation and analysis of the movement and path of different parts of a vehicle when undertaking a turning manoeuvre) for all turns from Indian Ocean Dr into Guilderton Rd and all turns from Guilderton Rd into Indian Ocean Dr were compliant.

“Advisory signage on Indian Ocean Dr for the T-Intersection at Guilderton Rd can been seen from over 300m on approach, and is followed by a Give Way Advisory sign, located 160m from the intersection,’’ she said.

The assessment also considered the speed of traffic travelling on Indian Ocean Dr.

“There are currently no plans to reduce the speed in the vicinity of the Guilderton Rd intersection, however Main Roads will continue to monitor the situation.’’

In its submission to the Shire of Gingin Main Roads WA said widening work at the Sovereign Hill Dr intersection would include increased taper in lengths for overtaking of vehicles turning right into Sovereign Hill.

“As part of the road widening, guardrail will need to be installed to separate the roadside hazard of high voltage power poles in close proximity to this temporary access to Lot 1001 and as a result it is likely to affect the turning movement into the lot,’’ the submission said.

“The existing Indian Ocean Dr corridor width in this location is 50m.

“Depending on the alignment of the future road and ultimate road corridor requirements, a typical road corridor width is likely to be 100m.

“In this section of Indian Ocean Dr, the road is likely to be widened to the west and require a strip of land from Lot 1001.”’

In February and March some B-doubles and pocket road trains use that section of Indian Ocean Dr while transporting lime.

The Main Roads WA spokeswoman said many sources of agricultural lime sand were located on the western side of Indian Ocean Dr, necessitating the use of short sections of that road to access east-west roads such as KW Road-Orange Springs Rd, Gingin Brook Rd to efficiently deliver their product.

Mr Murray’s retrospective development application to expand his extractive industry on Lot 1001 Boobabbie Rd, Guilderton was approved by the Shire of Gingin on Tuesday, May 19 with 16 conditions.

Prior to the decision Mr Murray gave a deputation to the shire.

One of conditions is that within six months Moore Sands has to enter into a deed of agreement for the upgrade of the intersection of Guilderton Rd and the internal access road to the satisfaction of the shire.

Another is that within 12 months from the date of approval, the applicant is required to upgrade the crossover from Guilderton Rd to a sealed standard to the satisfaction of the shire.