Smart meters roll out in Yanchep

The Water Corporation says smart meters can help detect water leaks. Picture: Water Corporation

THE Water Corporation has installed smart water meters at 3920 properties across Yanchep allowing households to closely monitor their water use and identify opportunities to save water.

Water Corporation spokeswoman Louise Fleming said smart water meters collected data at regular intervals and transmitted the information back to Water Corporation daily.

“In the coming weeks, households with smart water meters will receive information from Water Corporation about how they can track their water use daily through our online account system, My Water,” she said.

“Smart water meters also allow Water Corporation to inform households when there is a continuous flow of water, which can indicate there is potential leak at their property.

“Detecting leaks early not only saves previous water, but it also saves households money on the water use component of their next bill.”

Smart water meters also allow the Water Corporation to read meters without accessing properties.

Ms Fleming said at this stage, Yanchep was the only metropolitan suburb fitted with smart water meters, however they have been installed in towns including Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Onslow and Port Hedland.

According to the Water Corporation’s website, no additional information from smart metering is obtained that could already be obtained through manually reading a water meter.

Prior to installing a smart meter, the corporation states that they engage with the affected customers.

“There are no current plans to install smart water metering to all our customers,” the website says.

Around 90 per cent of water supplied to Yanchep is used by households.

Customers in Yanchep are supplied by two bores, which, due to significant growth in the area, operate at near capacity during peak demand periods.