Speed cameras still collecting data

Although some speed cameras have been put in test mode until it is independently verified they are working correctly they are still recording and collecting data. Picture: WA Police

JUST because some speed cameras are in test mode don’t think you can get away with speeding is the message from WA Police in light of a suspect reading on a point-to-point camera.

Yanchep News Online asked WA Police if there was a point-to-point camera on Indian Ocean Dr but police media said the only information about locations they were releasing was the Forrest Hwy site.

On Monday, July 2 a spokesman for Police Minister Michelle Roberts said she had been advised the Road Safety Commission was still assessing the point-to-point camera on Forrest Hwy and that future sites would be considered in the future.

WA Police commissioner Chris Dawson said despite issues with some speed cameras motorists should be aware that police were doing additional patrols and also using cameras that had been used in the past.

Assistant police commissioner Paul Zanetti said since a radar bounce had resulted in a suspect reading from the point-to-point camera on Forrest Hwy all Jenoptik cameras – fixed site cameras, redlight cameras –  used by the police force had been put into test mode.

But he said while in test mode the cameras were still recording and collecting data, which could be used at a future date if the cameras were proven to be working correctly when the information was collected.

Mr Zanetti said for now the cameras would not be back in production until it was independently verified they were working properly.

He said in April there had been an issue with a Jenoptik laser camera, which had resulted in an incorrect hoon charge, which led to a review of 53,000 instances detected by the laser cameras.

Jenoptik has recommended that 27 charges associated with those instances be withdrawn.

He said while that issue was ongoing regular maintenance and monitoring had identified a problem with the Forrest Hwy camera.

To correct the radar bounce – meaning the camera had read a signal twice, which was likely to inflate the reading – it might be necessary to have poles shifted.

He said the rest of the speed camera network was operating as it should.