Surf film premiere at Mary Lindsay Homestead

Commonplace a short surf film directed by Yanchep resident Matthew Bettinaglio was filmed during winter this year. Picture: Matthew Bettinaglio

SURF film Commonplace celebrates a bunch of diverse people from varying ages,  backgrounds, careers and skills levels becoming a close knit community through the act of  surfing in the same place regularly.

The film is narrated by Yanchep resident Warrick Palmateer who has seen it all unfold over  decades.

This is anti-localism, all welcoming and most of all fun.

Filming took place over about 30 different days during May to October this  year.

The end result is a seven and a half minute story that combines ground, aerial and water-based imagery that delves into the fun, lighter side of surfing, the reason we all got into it  in the first place.

Commonplace is a double meaning in that we share this common place but we’re all also  commonplace (average) surfers, just out there to have fun and create memories with our  friends and family.

The film will premiere at 6pm on Saturday, November 10 at the Mary Lindsay Homestead community centre on Capricorn Esplanade, Yanchep.