Testing of asymptomatic essential workers continues

Covid-19 swab testing of essential workers and people from other vulnerable groups who are asymptomatic finishes on June 10. File picture

SWAB testing for essential workers and people from other vulnerable groups not showing any symptoms of Covid-19 finishes on Wednesday, June 10.

Healthcare workers, WA Police staff, meat workers, supermarket and retail staff and hospitality workers who are asymptomatic can undergo a swab test for Covid-19 under the McGowan Government’s DETECT snapshot.

People 18 years or older who show no symptoms of the virus can have free, voluntary testing via the DETECT Snapshot program but you must be from one of the following groups:

  • school staff (involved in any function in a school setting (pre-kindergarten to year 12), including Department of Education employees)
  • tourism sector employee, involved in the planning, booking and delivery of tourism activities
  • transport worker, such as employees of road, rail, aviation and maritime workers, including Public Transport Authority employees.
  • healthcare worker, including WA Health staff, employees in private hospitals, residential aged care facilities, general practices, pharmacies, the disability sector, or any worker employed by an organisation delivering health services
  • WA Police staff
  • meat worker employed in an abattoir, meat packing or in further processing such as small goods manufacture
  • retail employee such as employees in supermarkets, department stores and specialty stores
  • hospitality worker such as employees in cafes, restaurants, pubs or hotels

The WA Council of Social Services said workers from the community service sector could present for a swab at one of the clinics with proof of employment in the form of a letter and/or identification card from their employer.

Participation is voluntary and open to adults who work in the identified groups, selected mainly for their frequent interaction with the public during Covid-19 or where documented outbreaks have occurred in other jurisdictions.

Testing will be available state-wide from Covid-19 testing clinics, a drive-through facility in Burswood and a range of publicly and privately operated pathology providers.

Those tested will be able to resume normal activities immediately and will be informed of a negative result via SMS.

Anyone who tests positive will be followed up in line with existing public health procedures, including isolation and identification of any contacts for follow up and quarantine.

For eligible residents in the Shire of Gingin the WA Country Health Service has a booking system that will allow them to book a time for testing –  if eligible for DETECT Snapshot call 9888 2288 to book your test if in the Wheatbelt.

Testing arrangements for everyone else remains the same.

Anyone with fever, history of fever, or respiratory symptoms including shortness of breath, cough and/or sore throat should be tested at a designated Covid-19 clinic.

Health Minister Roger Cook said testing across different cohorts would help provide a better understanding of any Covid-19 that may be in the community and had not been detected.

Mr Cook said the testing would also provide the public with additional confidence that the chances of being exposed to the virus remained low.

Covid-19 testing of symptomatic patients will continue to be prioritised ahead of the DETECT Snapshot samples so as not to compromise identification of positive cases and the response.

Meanwhile, WA has four new confirmed cases today taking the total to 596 with 30 active cases.

Yesterday Department of Health data showed the north metro with a total of 148 cases had the highest number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in WA .

The north metro includes the cities of Wanneroo (33 confirmed cases), Joondalup (40) and Stirling (38).

The south metro had 133 confirmed cases and the east metro 95 cases.

The Wheatbelt had a total of 11 confirmed cases with the shires of Gingin, Goomalling, Northam, Dumbleyung, Narembeen, Toodyay, Wyalkatchem and Yilgarn all recording at least one confirmed case.

For more information about DETECT Snapshot visit www.healthywa.wa.gov.au/DETECTSnapshot

For more information for any member of the community who has symptoms visit www.healthywa.wa.gov.au/Coronavirus