Two Rocks IGA owners look set to sell groceries from the Guilderton store

The Gingin council is due to consider a recommendation, which will allow the Two Rocks IGA owners to sell groceries from the general store section of the Guilderton Café. Picture: Anita McInnes

THE owners of the Two Rocks IGA look set to get approval to operate a retail grocery service from the Guilderton Café and General Store.

On Tuesday, the Shire of Gingin will consider an application from Belgravia Health and Leisure Group Pty Ltd to sub-lease a portion of the Guilderton Café and General Store to Sun City Group.

In a letter accompanying the Belgravia Leisure application John Young said he and his sons had owned and operated the Two Rocks IGA since June 2009, the Two Rocks Celebrations Liquor Store since 2016 and the Two Rocks Post Office since last year.

The officer’s report to go before the ordinary meeting recommends the council approve the subletting by Belgravia Leisure of that portion of the Guilderton Café and General Store formerly used as a general store to Sun City Group to provide a grocery store, with the sublease to start on April 25, 2022 and terminate on August 8, 2028 in conjunction with the first term of the head lease between the Shire of Gingin and Belgravia Leisure.

“As an experienced operator in the supermarket industry looking to expand its business, this provides an opportunity for both Sun City Group and the Guilderton community to benefit from their experience in providing a retail grocery service,’’ the officer’s report said.

Mr Young said their Two Rocks supermarket had just been nominated as IGA community store of the year.

After a special council meeting on July 6 and another on August 3 last year Gingin councillors voted unanimously to accept the tender provided by Belgravia Leisure for a period of seven years with a further period of seven years at a rental income of $55,000 a year including GST.

In January the Shire of Gingin said Belgravia Leisure was still waiting for final quotes to be received for the Guilderton café with the start of construction anticipated for early February and an anticipated opening in mid-April depending on the availability of trades.

But the latest council agenda reiterates that Belgravia Leisure has been working on the design and details of the overall building and has recently appointed a builder and commenced works without giving an estimated opening date.