Visitors say they will bypass Guilderton

The Shire of Gingin’s plan to introduce paid parking on the Guilderton foreshore is under fire again. Picture: Anita McInnes

GUILDERTON businesses are asking people unhappy with plans to install paid parking on the foreshore to contact the Shire of Gingin.

On the Lancelin Facebook page most people who responded indicated they were against the shire’s plan to charge visitors $2 an hour or $10 a day to park at the foreshore.

Many said they would simply bypass Guilderton and go to Seabird or Lancelin.

Guilderton ratepayer Rose Rowland posted that ratepayers had not been asked their opinion.

“There (are) definitely negative reviews saying people will not visit Guilderton again – killing Guilderton tourism and local business,’’ she said.

“Shame on you Gingin councillors.’’

Antony Nasso said meters would not fix the parking problem.

“Have you seen the amount of cars that have to park kms away on footpath(s) on school holidays?’’ he said.

“Not that they care as they have a field-day slapping these people with fines (even) though there is no where else to park.

“Won’t be long before you need a pass for Yanchep Lagoon too.’’

Pamela Griffiths said after the City of Bunbury installed parking meters in the central business district people just stopped going into town and businesses suffered so the city had just changed it to 2hr free parking, which she said was possibly a little late as people were used to going elsewhere and some businesses had moved to the shopping centres where people did not have to pay for parking.

But Roz Davidson said she would be happy to pay a fee as long as the toilets were cleaner than most public facilities or she was going to be “ whingin’ like heck”.

Wayne Machin said he was happy to pay if it meant he could get a bay.

Guilderton General Store owner Kerry Enright reminded those who called for a boycott of Guilderton it would affect the two small family-owned businesses in the town.

“Whether you come to us or not please appreciate that we have spent mega money in setting up these businesses and employ local families,’’ she said.

“We need your support – please make the time to email the Gingin Shire at and let them know politely that there should be no paid parking.’’

Eric Corke from Moore River Roadhouse said he agreed with Mrs Enright’s comments 100 per cent.

“Please direct your displeasure to the Shire of Gingin and keep Guilderton on the tourist map,’’ he said.

“We would hate to have to close our doors.

“We believe we offer a good service to tourists and locals alike and we pay for our own consumables – toilet paper hand towels and septic pump outs.

“Our tourist season only goes for three months of the year at most.

“If these ridiculous machines are installed it will directly affect my ability to keep my local staff employed.’’

Shire of Gingin President David Roe said visitors would be charged $2 an hour or $10 a day to park at the foreshore.

But parking would be free for Shire of Gingin ratepayers who would be given two free parking passes in their rate notice mail out.