Wanneroo holds 2018 Jobs Summit

City of Wanneroo CEO Daniel Simms, Pearce MHR Christian Porter and City of Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts at the 2018 Wanneroo Jobs Summit.

This is the first article following the City of Wanneroo Jobs Summit June 7th. Over the next 5 weeks in-depth articles on the specific topics covered will be published. We welcome feedback and comments.


ECONOMIC state of play, growth opportunities, and creating employment through innovation and collaborative initiatives, were key discussion points at the City of Wanneroo’s 2018 Job Summit targeting the creation of 100,000 jobs.

Over 150 guests attended the event at Mindarie Marina on Thursday June 7th.

job-summitSpeakers and panelists included decision makers and thought leaders from government, industry, academia, urban planning, economic strategy, innovation, entrepreneurs – and public policy influencers.

City of Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts JP officially opened the 2018 Jobs Summit, along with an address given by the Hon. Christian Porter MP, Attorney General and Member for Pearce.

The Summit explored the City of Wanneroo’s remarkable job growth potential from various informed perspectives such as:

  • Technology as an enabler of change, requiring a clear vision and industry receptiveness
  • The City’s global market-positioning to attract foreign investment,
  • The pressing need for skill synchronisation and alignment; and
  • The urgency to outpace change and upskill the City’s labor force with 21st century workforce capabilities.

Speakers included Mr. Ivan Neville, Branch Manager, Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business and Ms. Lisa Kazalac, Manager Research & Policy, Committee for Perth – along with 8 other speakers.

Speaker content was complemented by participant group discussions during focused ‘Breakout Sessions’.

Attendees were briefed on the data which underpins job creation challenges, risks and opportunities.

Mr. Neville detailed population growth figures against those of unemployment and illustrated Wanneroo’s growth was consistently higher than that of Perth from 2003 through 2017.

He also however highlighted that despite strong population and employment growth from 2011 to 2016, this momentum was not sufficient to slow unemployment.

Ms. Kazalac built on the conversation by underlining Wanneroo’s key economic base industries which are contributing to growth.

Included in this list are agriculture, forestry and fishing, manufacturing, construction and wholesale trade.

Other inroads to job creation highlighted by notable speakers and panelists on the day, included:

  • Land use planning and regulations being more flexible so as to achieve more variable use of existing assets and structures;
  • Smart Cities and use of real time technology, linking to expertise around the world and injecting the necessary ethos of lifelong learning into our community, workplaces and educational environments.
  • The generous parcels of “blank canvas” land able to be repurposed within Wanneroo (i.e. industrial land, state forest, and other) which can be harnessed as key drivers of our local economy.

‘Breakout Session’ discussions involved all present, and aimed at strategic job creation in line with the City’s target of creating 100,000 new local jobs.

Themes under the spotlight included Land use planning; Innovation, Smart Cities and research and development; Neerabup Industrial Estate, Agribusiness and Place Shaping.

As part of the programme, adjoining display tables showcased local entrepreneurs representative of the digital economy.

These included the “Co-Hub” (a collaborative entrepreneurs hub, based in Butler); “Community to Go” (digital app creation specialists); “Sequor Analytics” (currently running an agricultural drone project in Wanneroo); Perth Biome; Unity Mesh (A Perth collaborative block chain cluster) and Udrew (interactive, online buildings plans and instant approvals).

Rising unemployment rates, coupled with rapid population growth has lead the City of Wanneroo to set the target of creating 100,000 jobs in key areas.

The 2016 Jobs Summit, followed by this year’s event underscored the City’s unwavering commitment to this goal.

City of Wanneroo CEO, Daniel Simms, closed the event – stating, “…We are very fortunate to have a Mayor and elected members who are very committed through our Strategic Plan, to economic development, to genuine job creation, and to genuine collaboration.

“At City of Wanneroo we talk about collaborating for success.

Meaningful and purposeful collaboration – this is the key.”

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