Wanneroo wants to test leasehold model at Neerabup

The City of Wanneroo says its landholding at Neerabup is a key asset, with the potential to become a major employment centre. Picture: Anita McInnes

THE City of Wanneroo is working to ensure land at the Neerabup industrial area is development ready, so it can respond to demand as economic conditions improve.

Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts said the city’s landholding at Neerabup was a key asset, with the potential to become a major employment centre.

At its August 25 meeting councillors approved development of the subdivision engineering design for Lot 9100 and an expressions of interest process calling for interested businesses to locate to the development ready Lot 9100 under a leasehold model.

Councillors also agreed that administration would report back with the findings from the expression of interest and the recommended Lot 9100 development scenario.

The findings from this process would then be incorporated into a business plan for consideration by the council.

City of Wanneroo advocacy and economic development manager Steve Marmion said the city anticipated that businesses were unlikely to locate to Lot 9100 before 2024.

Mr Marmion said it was likely the engineering design for Lot 9100 would become public when the city sought expressions of interest from businesses to locate on the land.

“The timing will be dependent on market conditions, but is likely to be in the later part of 2021,’’ he said.

“The business plan for the Neerabup industrial area will be prepared following the expression of interest process, if the leasehold model proves viable.’’

The city has included $980,523 in its 2020-21 capital works budget to help progress the development, of which $670,000 will cover the costs of extracting about 6.6 million cubic metres of sand and limestone.

Mr Marmion said Lot 9100 did not require the extraction of sand and limestone but Lot 9300 contained limestone and sand which needed to be removed before it could be developed.

An officer’s report presented to the council meeting said Consultants EPC Technologies had undertaken a feasibility study on renewable energy supply for the city’s landholdings within the industrial area with the objective of providing a less expensive and secure energy supply with the findings presented to the Neerabup industrial area development working group (NIADWG).

The next step was to decide the most appropriate procurement strategy and scope the project.

The report said the Water Corporation had undertaken testing of the water supply pressure to the light industrial area and confirmed there was a supply threshold limit.

“This means that the majority of Lot 9003 cannot be serviced using current Water Corporation infrastructure,’’ the report said.

“Pritchard Francis has been engaged on behalf of the city to develop an engineering solution and potential solutions have been presented to the Neerabup industrial area development working group (NIADWG).’’

Staff are awaiting the final report and recommendations, which will be presented at the NIADWG in due course.

Mr Marmion said energy supply and water management options would be provided to the council well in advance of development, likely within the next two years.

The report also said the Neerabup industrial area structure plan 17 needed to be amended.

Mr Marmion said all structure plans required periodic review to ensure they were fit for purpose and included up-to-date information.

“There have been changes to the north-west sub-regional planning framework that need to be considered in a revised structure plan for Neerabup industrial area.

“This review is currently underway.’’