Which major stadiums use facial recognition technology

CHOICE is urgently calling for stronger regulation of facial recognition technology used at major concert and sporting venues.

CHOICE has investigated whether major Australian stadiums are using facial recognition technology.

According to CHOICE Optus Stadium is not using facial recognition technology, but it is not clear if RAC Arena uses the technology.

CHOICE says it analysed the privacy policies and conditions of entry statements of 10 stadiums and stadium operators and found many allowed for facial recognition use without providing information on exactly where and how it is used.

CHOICE consumer data advocate Kate Bower said it was extremely concerning that facial recognition technology was being used at major concert and sporting venues across the country, without any kind of clear information for consumers about where, how and why it was being used.

CHOICE is urgently calling for stronger regulation of facial recognition to protect the community from harmful and invasive use of this technology.

“Stadiums are places where many people, including children, gather to have fun and make memories,’’ she said.

“If facial recognition is being used in these venues, people should have the choice to opt in or out. Instead, any details regarding the use of this technology are usually buried deep in a privacy policy or conditions of entry.

“Clear guidelines are needed to ensure safe and responsible use of facial recognition technology, and to hold businesses to account when they are using this controversial technology inappropriately or dangerously.

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