Why you should create your will online


A WILL outlines what you wish to happen to your possessions and valuables after your death. It also ensures that your family and friends are taken care of after you pass away and that your assets are distributed in the way you approve.

Making a will may also help avoid your family paying an inheritance tax as well as prevent lots of arguments and heartaches after your death. However, although writing a will seems to be an easy task, it’s still recommended to make a will with legal guidance. Luckily, there are a lot of great resources online to help you create an airtight will.

Below are some of the reasons why you should create your will online:

  • No Need for A Codicil

A lot of people are sitting on wills that are years out of date. Some lawyers attempt to future-proof their wills by including several phrases like “all future concern,” which may mean the will covers any kids that you might have in the future. However, it’s used as a work-around strategy since updating a will can be inconvenient and expensive.

A will should be updated whenever there’s a change of circumstance of anyone named in the will. If your executor isn’t the best choice, your beneficiaries have predeceased you, and the guardians for your kids are no longer available, your will must be updated. Luckily, with an online will creation service, modifying any part of your document can be done easily without scheduling an appointment with your lawyer.

  •  Convenience

Instead of repeatedly visiting a lawyer’s office that can be miles away and pricey to get to,

making a will online enables you to do so from the convenience of your house. You only need to fill the provided online forms with selected questions right at the comfort of your home. With just a few clicks, your form can be downloaded and printed right away. So, if you want to experience convenience when creating a will for your assets like investment properties, an online service is your best option.

  •  Cost

One of the reasons why you should create your will online is that it’s less expensive than hiring a lawyer. While lawyers charge per hour, an online will creation service is a one-time fee. You may even get discounts once you sign up any of your family members or someone you know to make wills online. So, if you want to save a huge amount of money from making a will, creating one online will let you enjoy savings.

  •  Time Saving

It might take months for a lawyer to create a will for you. However, by creating a will online, you can get it in less than an hour. Remember that it’ll be a standard and simple will, but it may be amended or expanded upon at a later date, which can be done through your lawyer’s office.

Generally, the body of your will is still in place, which means you don’t have to change the

majority of your will’s testament, enabling you to save money and time.

  •  Privacy

Even if lawyers are obliged to not disclose any information about their clients, it may still be a bit embarrassing to discuss details about your family with a lawyer. But, the process of online creation gets rid of the stress involved since you’ll be sharing information with a secure computer program only. Although you’ll require witnesses to sign your will, you don’t need to worry about sharing information in the will after your death.

  •  Mitigate the Risk of Family Dispute

Not all families have a harmonious relationship and, more often than not, you hear of arguments and squabbles among surviving loved ones if there’s no will or the wishes of the deceased haven’t been made clear.

A contested will may be damaging to the relationships among your family and pricey to resolve if the decisions about your estate are contested legally. Well-prepared wills with professional help may let you avoid such arguments and prevent making your passing more stressful for your loved ones.

  •  Peace of Mind

During a lifetime, your efforts will help you accumulate wealth. You can earn, invest, save, and re-invest to earn more. Such efforts are in a bid to ensure your family’s financial security, providing you peace of mind in the long run. But this financial planning will never be complete if you won’t secure the future of your loved ones. Creating a will online may be of big help to distribute your assets or set up a trust properly.


There are other reasons why you should make a will online. If you want to create a will at the earliest date possible, choosing an online will creation service may be a good idea. However, it’s important to note that, for your will to be legal, it should be inspected by your

lawyer. In this way, you can be sure that your will is valid.