Kangaroos return to golf course

Kangaroos stranded in a park in St Andrews have been moved back to the Sun City Country Club golf course. Picture: Anita McInnes

TWENTY-four kangaroos living in a St Andrews park have been returned to their mob living on the Sun City Country Club’s golf course.

Northern Valley Wildlife Support Group said one 4kg male kangaroo had to be caught and taken into care on Wednesday, March 30 when the kangaroos left at the club’s fence were returned to the golf course.

The wildlife support group and a team from the City of Wanneroo shifted the animals.

Group spokeswoman Sonia Cooke said representatives from the Sun City Country Club and the council considered a plan to move the kangaroos put forward by the group but decided to just use hessian as a barrier being held in a line with anyone available at the time.

“They did not go along with the plan to get them in and then through the golf course to Yänchep National Park,’’ she said.

Ms Cooke said the kangaroos were then just left on the golf course.

She said the city was discussing with the developers what their responsibilities are towards the kangaroos.

“A meeting will then be organised with all relevant stakeholders to find a resolution to the matter.

“LWP Property Group is the selling agent for Vertex and Primewest is the developer and project manager.

“Primewest is aware of the situation and is consulting with various consultants (including a terrestrial fauna specialist and zoologists) about management strategies and would be happy to meet with the council and or relevant parties to assist where they can.

“Primewest is prepared to support the best management strategies now and in the future and are happy to consider all options and take the appropriate course of action to assist.’’

The City of Wanneroo said the kangaroos were moved out of the residential area after community concerns about the kangaroos after the erection of a fence at the privately owned country club prevented them from entering the golf course where they had congregated in big numbers for many years.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said the city understood and shared residents’ concerns about public safety and the welfare of the traumatised kangaroos.

Mrs Roberts said the city had helped out despite the fact the city was only responsible for the management of kangaroos on council-owned land.

She said the city would continue to advocate strongly for other relevant organisations to implement their own measures.

“It is very important that all parties work together to resolve this unfortunate situation that, according to the local community, has been worsening over the years,” she said.

“We will continue to work closely with the Northern Valley Wildlife Support Group and residents.”

She said the City of Wanneroo had also initiated regular contact with the Department of Parks and Wildlife and Sun City Country Club management to encourage an effective and permanent solution.