Yanchep student not expelled but will not return

Yanchep Secondary College principal James Kent says one student has been expelled and four others suspended after a Year 10 student was allegedly assaulted this week. File picture

YANCHEP Secondary College has advised the parents of a Year 10 student who was allegedly assaulted at the college on Monday, March 12 to report the incident to WA Police.

On Saturday, March 17 Yanchep News Online reported the main perpetrator had been expelled from the college. This is not correct.

On Monday, March 19 a Department of Education spokeswoman said the student had not been expelled as WA public schools do not expel students.

“In very specific circumstances, a student may be excluded from a particular public school, however they still need to do an education program and another location is found for them,” she said.

“In this situation, the student has not been excluded or expelled – they are returning to their previous school.”

College principal James Kent said the alleged assault happened on the school grounds at lunchtime on Monday, March 12 and that five students had been involved.

Mr Kent said the five students had been suspended from the college for significant periods of time, ranging from seven days to the maximum of 10 days each.

He said the main perpetrator would not be returning to the college.

The victim, who was not suspended, received attention at a local medical centre.

“Anyone distressed by the incident has been offered counselling at school,” he said.

“I have also strongly encouraged the student’s family to report the incident to police and we are in close contact with his family.

“This incident was completely unexpected and I have nothing but praise for my staff who quickly stepped in to protect the student and bring a halt to the assault.’’

He said the victim’s parents were contacted immediately.