Yanchep Two Rocks Community Bus turn 30

Yanchep resident Julie Otremba says during the past 30 years the Yanchep Two Rocks Community Bus has carried 160,117 passengers. Picture: Anita McInnes

SOME of the volunteers associated with the Yanchep Two Rocks Community Bus celebrated its 30th birthday on October 26.

The bus not only helps elderly residents get to doctor appointments and do their shopping but also means they get to go on outings so they remain part of the community.

Yanchep resident Julie Otremba said the official start date for the Yanchep Two Rocks Community Bus (YTRCB) was October 13, 1989.

Prior to that there was an ad hoc service using the Club Capricorn bus and private cars.

Mrs Otremba said the late Phil Renkin heard through the council that one of the state government departments had three community buses to give away to community groups.

“So Phil went through the complicated process to get one,’’ she said.

One bus went to Whitfords, another to Yanchep and a third to a country community group.

She said they had to prove in the first 12 months that they could pay for the bus and had to keep records of passenger numbers, mileage and fuel expenses etc.

“Phil set about creating the bus committee, got the City of Wanneroo on board, developer Yanchep Sun City and also organised raffles.

Mrs Otremba and her late husband Andrew joined the organisation right from the start.

“It is run totally by volunteers – I do all the paperwork and bookwork and I have volunteers who do all the driving.’’

The current drivers are Ross Brewer, Tom Darcy, Bill Anderson, Di Letheridge and Eddie Cound.

The City of Wanneroo services the bus and provides someone to record the minutes of the monthly meetings while Yanchep Sun City pays for the fuel.

In the 30 years the organisation has fundraised to buy five replacement buses.

During the same period 160,117 passengers have used the community buses, which collectively have travelled 702,010km.

To help fundraise the YTRCB runs Bingo on Thursday evening at the Phil Renkin Recreation Centre in Two Rocks.