Actress Priscilla-Anne Jacob visits her home town

Actress Priscilla-Anne Jacob (nee Forder), who plays Roshanna Wing in the action-adventure series Itch, was back in Yanchep earlier this month. Picture: Anita McInnes

FORMER Yanchep and Two Rocks resident Priscilla-Anne Jacob (nee Forder) has always loved theatre and acting.

When she was younger her love of performing included taking part in Blessing of the Fleet productions in Two Rocks and Yanchep District High School’s Rock Eisteddfod Challenges before completing a degree in film, television and performing arts at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

“Once I finished my degree I fell into acting for 10 years – and worked in America, Canada, China and Sydney.’’

In 2018 while living in Sydney she had a role in the ABC’s Rake working alongside actor Richard Roxburgh and director Matthew Saville.

About two years ago she moved back to WA.

In 2019 she was nominated for best actress in the 168 Film Festival for her role as Rebecca in the short drama True Reflection.

When Mrs Jacob was in Yanchep earlier this month she had to fit her visit in with her role on ABC/BBC TV series Itch where she plays Roshanna Wing the boss of Greencorp.

She said the character was complex and different from previous roles she has played.

“I always wanted to play the characters that give me a challenge – those the least like me but ones you can always find something to relate to,’’ she said.

Some filming for season 2 of the series, which has just been picked up by the USA and the UK, has taken place in Mandurah and the week after the actress, producer and acting mentor was in Yanchep, filming was scheduled to take place in Albany.

She said Itch was pitched to tweens.

“A niche market – there’s not a lot for that age group,’’ she said.

This year she decided to do a masters in film producing and directing at the WA Screen Academy.

“You’re working with the best of the best there (as) it’s the gateway to getting into the industry in producing and directing.’’

She has also been producing a web series The Grind with Perth comedian Adrian Alaberd and executive producer Jodea Bloomfield.

The executive producer, who is her mentor, now lives in America but also grew up in Yanchep.

Mrs Jacob said her favourite spot in area was the Yanchep Lagoon where you could think and run along the beach.

“It always feels like home – it’s changed but it hasn’t.’’

She is passionate about getting more women involved in directing and producing.

As well as private mentoring she also teaches screen acting.

In 2018 she and husband Jeremiah Jacob started Blondie and the Brain – an agency managing social media for businesses.