ALDI’s new Yanchep store due to open before Christmas

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ALDI says its new store being built near the corner of Yanchep Beach and Kakadu roads in Yanchep is expected to open before Christmas.

On Thursday, August 27 an Aldi spokeswoman said the supermarket chain was eager to bring its shopping experience to the Yanchep region by then and would endeavour to keep the community updated as its plans progressed.

According to a report presented to a Metro Outer Joint Development Assessment Panel held on June 12 the supermarket will have an internal liquor store and 111 car bays, including three ACROD bays and three bicycle bays.

The proposal includes a pedestrian courtyard in the south-eastern corner of the site with a feature tree and a loading bay in the south-western corner of the site, accessed via the internal roadway.

The supermarket site is part of a bigger district centre which is bound by Yanchep Beach Rd to the north, Kakadu Rd to the east, Morwell St to the south and Marmion Ave to the west, which is largely undeveloped.

The site itself is bound by Yanchep Beach Rd to the north, Kakadu Rd to the east, a private access road to the south and the Yanchep Sports Club to the west.

South-west of the site is the existing Yanchep Central Shopping Centre, which has commercial tenancies and a Woolworths supermarket.

The land to the east, between Yanchep Beach Rd and Ikara Lane is zoned business and includes a service station, a fast food outlet and a gym.

The area also recently obtained approval for a child care centre.

Existing residences adjoin the business zone, with the mixed-use zone extending further south.

The mixed-use area remains largely undeveloped at this stage.

The subject site has also been subject to Amendment No. 4 to ASP 40 which was endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission on November 1, 2019.

Amendment No. 4 sought to modify the local structure plan map by reclassifying No. 2 Kakadu Rd, Yanchep from business to district centre and modifying the zoning plan by rezoning No. 2 Kakadu Rd, Yanchep from business zone to commercial.

Amendment No. 4 included consideration of vehicle movements and access and was supported by a traffic impact assessment, which found that the proposed access from both Kakadu Rd and Yanchep Beach Rd will offer sufficient levels of access to the site and can cater for the vehicle volumes generated from a district centre.

The report said some submissions while supporting the proposal raised concerns about the intersection of Yanchep Beach Rd and Kakadu Rd, which has left-in/left-out access.

“The submitters have suggested this intersection be modified to allow for full movement,’’ the report said.

The applicant’s traffic impact assessment (TIA) estimated the supermarket will generate about 2212 vehicle trips per day (vpd) with about 232 trips during the Friday 4pm to 5pm peak period and about 2358 vpd on Saturdays, with about 248 trips during the noon to 1pm peak period.

“The above peak times were selected as these times have been identified as being the peak operational periods for ALDI supermarkets.

“The TIA confirmed that the intersection is able to accommodate the development-generated traffic and would have a minimal impact on the functionality of the surrounding road network.

“There are no current plans to upgrade this intersection to full movement; however Yanchep Beach Rd is planned to be duplicated in the future which will retain the left-in/left-out access.’’

The proposed layout requires delivery vehicles to drive parallel to the entrance of the building within the customer parking area before reversing into the loading area at the south-west corner of the site.

The report said the ALDI pylon sign complied with the required height and width but provided a nil setback to Kakadu Rd.

“The reduced setback is not considered to have any impact on the streetscape and will ensure the signage is visible to passing motorists and not obstructed by the proposed landscaping to the south.

“As such, the ALDI pylon sign is supported from a traffic and planning perspective.’’