Asbestos removed from Two Rocks marina building

The Department of Transport says barricade fencing and signage were erected to prevent access by other users of the marina during removal of asbestos from building B. Picture: DoT

ASBESTOS removal from a building at the Two Rocks marina has been carried out by a licenced removalist who has an asbestos removal control plan in place, according to the Department of Transport.

In August the Department of Transport (DoT) announced demolition of building B at Two Rocks Marina was due to start in September.

Today DoT confirmed demolition of building B was underway and that the demolition involved the removal of asbestos.

DoT Coastal facilities director Donna West said the built form structure had already been demolished and that the removal of the building B foundations was all that was left to be removed.

Ms West said the works were being undertaken by DoT’s contractor Delta Pty Ltd.

“Delta is a licenced asbestos removalist and has an asbestos removal control plan in place for these works,’’ she said.

She said DoT had ensured the precautions implemented meet those required for this type of work. They included:

  • erecting barricade fencing and signage to prevent access by other users of the marina;
  • wetting down asbestos so that it’s in a wet condition throughout the removal;
  • manually removing the asbestos using labour, not heavy machinery and high-speed power or pneumatic tools such as angle grinders were also prohibited;
  • engaging a third-party certifier to undertake monitoring of the asbestos removal process; and,
  • ensuring that third-party certification is received confirming the removal of asbestos material from the building prior to the demolition of the built form structure by heavy machinery.

“The removed asbestos materials were wrapped in plastic and were double bagged before being placed in plastic lined skip bins.

“This was then transported and disposed of at a licensed landfill facility in Neerabup that accepts asbestos waste.’’

She said users of the site were consulted prior to, during and at the completion of the building B asbestos removal.

“The methods included phone communication, email communication and a site meeting.”