Biotune Chiropractic opens in Yanchep

Dr Matt Coxall will be the principal chiropractor at Biotune Chiropractic in Yanchep.

WHAT does a chiropractor actually do?…

What’s the difference between the chiro and the physio?…

If you haven’t been to a chiro practice before… then chances are these are some of the questions that pop up in your head when you think of attending the chiro.

So let us answer these for you:

A chiropractor is trained to enhance your mobility by improving the health of your nervous system and spine.

Part of what we do also focuses on enhancing your brain/body awareness, allowing you to function at a higher level.

The form of treatment a chiropractor uses is called a chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractors diagnose the cause of your problem, then partner with you to correct it.

A physiotherapist performs treatments such as muscle work and rehabilitation, just as a chiropractor does, but does not have the same focus on finding the source of your issues and ensuring that they are properly corrected through spinal adjustments.

If you have any other chiro-related questions that you would love to have answered…or if you’re interested in booking an appointment at the Yanchep Practice please click here

Dr Matt Coxall will be the principal chiropractor in the new location, as well as still practicing in the Joondalup location.

Biotune Chiropractic in Yanchep will provide the same professional and patient-centred care as the other existing practice locations.