Bushfire came very close to Breakwater homes

Firefighters are still hosing areas of Breakwater estate where they managed to stop the Yanchep bushfire just before it reached homes. Picture: Anita McInnes

BREAKWATER resident Stephen Brown says without the efforts of the fireys, who literally had their backs to the bushfire, there would be nothing left of the estate.

Yanchep News Online spoke to Mr Brown about midday today at a home off Oregano Dr after being allowed to visit the area with an ABC crew escorted by an urban search and rescue team.

Mr Brown said he and his wife are staying with her twin sister and her husband while they build their own house on Cinnamon Meander.

Mr Brown and his wife’s brother-in-law Peter Douglas decided to stay and defend the properties while the women left to take shelter elsewhere.

When Mr Douglas left to attend a doctor’s appointment the situation quickly deteriorated and he was not allowed back in.

A former fire control officer Mr Brown said the Yanchep bushfire was right up there with the most dangerous.

He said it was pretty nasty and not the place you really wanted to be.

“At one stage I had the car running, up the drive, ready to go,’’ he said.

Mr Douglas, who moved one year ago to the estate from Seabird, said his brother-in-law was a hero.

Breakwater resident Stephen Brown says at one stage he was preparing to flee the bushfire, which burnt a number of trees on this property. Picture: Anita McInnes

On the way to visit Breakwater estate it was possible to see burnt power poles on Breakwater Dr near the intersection with Indian Ocean Dr.

In the intersection there was a convey of Western Power trucks and utes.

When Yanchep News Online visited the estate firefighters were still in attendance as there are a lot of trees alight in and around the fire ground.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services said the trees were a risk to firefighters and residents so access to those areas would not be permitted until hazards have been assessed and managed.

The Yanchep bushfire, which started in the S-bends on Wanneroo Rd near the Yanchep Beach Rd and Indian Ocean Dr-Wanneroo Rd intersection and was reported at 2.16pm  on December 11 is now threatening areas in the Shire of Gingin.

At a media briefing this morning DFES incident controller Danny Mosconi said the bushfire had burnt about 13,000ha.

According to DFES alert on Sunday afternoon Two Rocks, Yanchep Lagoon and Yanchep Beach primary schools and Yanchep Secondary College will be closed on Monday, December 16.

DFES said it was now safe for people in Seatrees and Breakwater estates to leave in a westerly direction towards Two Rocks and then leave south along Two Rocks Rd and Marmion Ave.

A number of residents have been affected by power outages.

For further information or outage information, refer to the Western Power website www.westernpower.com.au

A bushfire emergency warning remains in place for people in Guilderton, Woodridge, Gabbadah, Wilbinga, Caraban, Seabird, Yeal, Redfield Park, Sovereign Hill, Seatrees and Breakwater estates, parts of Two Rocks, Neergabby, Yanchep, Gnangara-Moore River state forest, Moore River National Park and Yeal nature reserve in the City of Wanneroo and Shire of Gingin.

Guilderton and Woodridge residents should leave now in an easterly direction towards Indian Ocean Dr and use Gingin Brook Rd to travel towards Gingin as fire is approaching the area.

There is an evacuation centre at Granville Civic Centre, Weld St, Gingin.

People to the north of Woodridge and Guilderton are advised to leave in a northerly direction along Indian Ocean Dr and then travel east along KW Rd.