Bushfire in Yanchep burns 10ha

Helitacs helped career and volunteer firefighters get a bushfire under control in Yanchep today. Picture: Anita McInnes

A BUSHFIRE advice remains in place for north of Splendid Park, after earlier today a bushfire started near the light industrial area before sweeping westwards towards nearby homes.

At 2.24pm the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) said the bushfire was now contained with firefighters patrolling the area and mopping up.

For more than two hours this morning helitacs were on the scene helping firefighters bring the bushfire under control.

The bushfire advice was issued for people in an area bounded by Marmion Ave, Karril Turn, Chittick Way and Yanchep Beach Rd at 10.20am on Tuesday, November 26.

DFES said the bushfire – reported at 8.59am – had started near the intersection of Stevenage St and Welwyn Ave in the light industrial area.

The cause of the bushfire, which has burnt 10ha is unknown.