Call for more local members on Yanchep Lagoon group

A North Coast ward councillor has called for more local members on the Yanchep Lagoon community working group. Picture: Anita McInnes

THE number of locals selected for a proposed Yanchep Lagoon community working group needs to be increased, according to a North Coast ward councillor.

City of Wanneroo councillors will decide on establishing the community working group and its terms of reference at its ordinary meeting on Tuesday, September 24.

Cr Sangalli, who is standing for re-election in the October local government election, said at a briefing session on Tuesday, September 17 that the council had so far taken the community on the Yanchep Lagoon precinct journey.

She said development of the area was going to be a big change and she would feel more comfortable if more community members were involved in the process.

The officer’s report presented at the September 17 meeting showed the council was considering the working group would consist of one Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association representative and a maximum of five other community representatives (either residents or business owners) determined through an expression of interest process.

The working group will also include the North Coast ward councillors and the City of Wanneroo Mayor.

Nominations for the community working group close on October 18 the day before the local government election on October 19 so which councillors and which mayor depends on the result of the election.

Six candidates have nominated for the two North Coast ward vacancies – Azeem Shah, Russell Driver (current councillor), Chris Baker, Nat Sangalli (current councillor), Matthew Bettinaglio and Godwin Fernson.

North Coast ward councillor Sonet Coetzee, whose term expires in 2021, is running against current Mayor Tracey Roberts.

The main function of the Yanchep Lagoon community working group as outlined in the council’s August 27 report will be to consider strategies to encourage community ownership and involvement in the development of the Yanchep Lagoon, build leadership and ensure local community connections are sustained.

“The working group will receive updates on the project progress and be asked to consider key strategic objectives that require high level support and early community input,’’ the report said.

“The group may also consider and implement local awareness of key project issues relevant to the community and drive local activation initiatives.’’

Cr Sangalli did not say how many community members she would like to be elected to the working group but foreshadowed an amendment for the September 24 ordinary meeting.