Call for Transperth bus routes to include Yanchep National Park

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Dear Yanchep News Online,

I have recently completed the MySay transport survey that the WA Government released for public consultation in regards to the new proposed bus routes for the Yanchep and Two Rocks community.

I have lived in Yanchep for 30 years and 22 years ago started a small business in Two Rocks before relocating my business to Yanchep National Park 18 years ago.

I do not catch a bus that services these communities as I drive my own vehicle however, I do know plenty of residents that do and have done for a number of years.

With the expected explosion of population from the many new housing development projects being carried out and the Yanchep train station opening there will be an increased expectation by day trippers and tourists that they will be able to use public transport to visit the Yanchep National Park.

But there seems to be no provision for a Transperth bus service to Yanchep National Park.

Public transport to the national park would expand opportunities for volunteers to access the various programs, employment within in the park at the various small business operators, senior citizens, or young families that do not drive, special needs people with their carers and increase opportunities for local and regional tourists to visit a significant tourist attraction for recreational purposes.

I do not understand why consideration for a bus service to and from the Yanchep National Park has been totally overlooked.

I personally have stopped and picked up people walking along Yanchep Beach Rd heading towards the park, just past the Golf estate, normally they have children in tow or are quite elderly.

They have been told that it’s only a short walk from the last bus stop!

I have called a taxi company from work for some international visitors that need to get back to their hotel in Perth and I have taken people back into Yanchep to catch the bus to get back to their homes after they walked to the park in the morning, when I have finished work.

I continually pick up junior staff and drop them home when they have finished their shifts as employment opportunities are very limited for this age group in this community and most of their parents are unable to do this due to their work commitments.

There used to be a bus service which drove up Yanchep Beach Rd then turned onto Wanneroo Rd travelling down to Clarkson and a return trip back up to Yanchep that was utilised by staff, volunteers and tourists on a daily basis.

There is a new area of tourism information located opposite a bus stop near the local police station, which promotes visiting the Yanchep National Park but unless you’re in a car how are you going to get to the national park?

A bus service to the Yanchep National Park would really benefit the local community by providing transport for recreational, volunteering, employment and tourism interests.

Hopefully, the consultation results reflect the negativity of no consideration whatsoever to provide this service, so Transperth can accommodate a bus route to the Yanchep National Park in the very near future.

S Dash