More charges may follow Yanchep party

Police were called to an out-of-control party in Yanchep on Friday evening where they found up to 50 youths in the street.

INQUIRIES are continuing into an out-of-control party in Yanchep on Friday evening.

A WA Police spokesman said three youths had been charged after officers were called to a disturbance in Shannon St about 10.25pm.

He said they were still to determine if further charges would be laid.

About 10.25pm on Friday police arrived at the Shannon St home to find up to 50 youths in the street.

He said officers allege the youth were acting disorderly and bottles  were being smashed on the road.

“The party was declared an out of control gathering and extra police vehicles attended,’’ he said.

The youths were dispersed from the area.

The WA Police website says an out-of-control gathering or party must be of at least 12 people with at least two engaging in specified conduct.

“Specified conduct includes things like trespassing, damaging property, disorderly conduct, fighting, doing obscene acts, emitting unreasonable noise, throwing objects to harm people, obstructing traffic, being drunk and breaking glass,’’ the website said.

“All these things are well-known by the public to be common elements of parties that have got out of the control of the organisers. “Additionally, the gathering or the conduct of those attending (when taken together) must cause or is likely to cause fear or alarm, or interferes with the lawful activities of any person.’’

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