Complaint about GP story dismissed

The Australian Press Council has dismissed a complaint about a story about inappropriate behaviour by a GP.

EARLIER this year the story Inappropriate behaviour by a GP (Yanchep News Online, February 25, 2018 was referred to the Australian Press Council.

The Australian Press Council (APC) is responsible for promoting good standards of media practice, community access to information of public interest and freedom of expression through the media.

The APC is also the principal body with responsibility for responding to complaints about Australian newspapers, magazines and associated digital outlets.

An APC spokeswoman said a complainant expressed concerns that the story – Inappropriate behaviour by a GP – was no longer relevant and therefore did not need to appear on the front page of the Yanchep News Online website.

She said after careful consideration of the complainant’s concerns, the APC executive director had decided not to refer the complaint for further consideration.

“In reaching this decision, we have taken into account that the selection and placement of articles is a matter of editorial discretion and is not a matter for the application of the Council’s Standards of Practice,’’ she said.

“We also noted that the article appears on the home page under ‘popular posts’, which would appear to be generated by the amount of ‘hits’ rather than by any direct action of your publication.

“In any event we noted that the article would appear to be based on publicly available information and that there was no specific inaccuracy identified regarding the reporting on the findings of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Investigation.

“Accordingly, we regard the matter about which the complainant expressed concern is unlikely to be considered a significant breach of the Council’s Standards of Practice.’’

She said the complainant had been informed of the outcome and the complaint was now closed.