Create your dream space with Kinetic Landscaping

The owners of Kinetic Landscaping love to combine their creativity with your ideas to achieve the look, practicality or functional space you want.

IF you have a new home near the beach and love living there but don’t want the whole beach in your backyard Kinetic Landscaping can help you.

Kinetic Landscaping collaborates with clients and works with them to achieve the look, practicality and functional space that they want to achieve.

They see their role as like putting the cherry on top so to speak, as the landscaping is usually the last item required before the owners of newly-built homes can really relax and unwind in their new home.

But Kinetic Landscaping can also do whole backyard renovations and change what you already have in place and custom build gates, privacy screens, (with smaller block sizes this is more so a need than a want for your own personal space and privacy), outdoor seating areas, firepits, decking in either composite (low maintenance options are another common thread in particular living near the coast) or real wood, water features, and much more to use the space you have to its full potential, after all, you paid for your slice of paradise (land) so why not use all of it.

They love to meld their creativity with your ideas to give you your own backyard oasis/paradise/private Idaho etc to enjoy.

Visit or email them on or contact them on 0410 448 314.