Discover your creative side with DiHewitts Art

Dianne Hewitt from DiHewitts Art holds a fortnightly class in Yanchep. Picture: Anita McInnes

IF you want to find your inner artist Dianne Hewitt holds a fortnightly class in Yanchep, which is proving popular.

At Ms Hewitt’s evening class you get to create a piece of art by pouring acrylic paint onto your preferred surface of choice – this could be a cheeseboard, placemat, wood or canvas – all while building friendships and of course, the cheeky glass of wine goes down well too.

Ms Hewitt from DiHewitts Art said during the past few years, she had seen the method of pouring being used quite frequently and used it in her own artwork so she wanted to create a workshop that allowed people to explore their own artistic talent yet not be out of reach for the beginner.

“The workshop allows me to demonstrate face-to-face in a small group attending to everyone’s individual needs while allowing the group to be free-flowing and allow everyone to find their own inner artist,’’ she said.

“The feedback I have received is it’s a wonderful time to get away from stresses and become lost in creating something they never thought they could do.’’

So where did her own art journey start?

“As a young child I drew a picture which my mother kept, years later she showed me this picture and I couldn’t believe that I had drawn it…. maybe I could do art after all?

“Since settling in Perth I joined an art group, West Coast School of Art and it was here that I developed my style with acrylic and pastels.

“They were also helpful in assisting me to exhibit my work.

“However, throughout my life I always liked to dabble in trying all different mediums.

“It was during one of these ‘dabbling’ phases that I attended a paint pouring workshop.’’

She thought it was fun but not her line of art.

“But a year ago in between doing black and white paintings, I had an idea of pouring paint onto some tiles and started playing around in my garage.

“This attracted the neighbourhood kids and they loved it – wanting demos… this grew to friends loving the work and wanting to have a go … and lo and behold the workshop was born.

“I am loving helping others create their own masterpieces and watching their facial expressions after is priceless.

“As an artist it can be frustrating not having control, but that is all part of the magic.

“People pour different colours of their choice into a container, flip or pour onto a surface and with a little manoeuvring watch what happens – not knowing what the colours will do until it is done.

“Everyone is then offered the chance to put a resin seal on their work, to give it a nice shiny finish – though that costs a bit extra.’’

The classes are held at the Y.hub, 128 Yanchep Beach Rd, Yanchep.

For more information visit DiHewitts Art