Funding for south east Gingin projects

The Ellen Brockman Integrated Catchment Group has received a grant to remove woody weeds and glyceria from the Gingin Brook. File picture

THE Ellen Brockman Integrated Catchment Group has received a grant of $19,679 for projects in south east Gingin.

A group spokeswoman said the funding would be used to enhance areas on the Gingin Brook and Breera Brook.

She said the natural assets of the Gingin Brook, including unique fish and aquatic fauna, and protection of Carnaby’s cockatoo roost at Granville Park would be improved by the removal of woody weeds and glyceria from the brook and riparian areas followed by revegetation with appropriate species to control sediment, reduce nutrients and other contaminants.

The second project involves restoring linkages and buffer areas in the Breera catchment to protect DRF, banksia woodlands (TEC) and banksia woodland on yellow sand (PEC) by weed control and revegetation.

The Wannamal Lake Catchment Group received a $30,230 grant to

Create an additional connecting corridor for wild release of the western swamp tortoise.

The Chittering Landcare Group also received funding, including a $36,400 grant to protecting high value vegetation in Ellen Brockman catchments from dieback.

The group also received $41,000 for feral animal control in Chittering as feral pigs continue to be a significant problem in the Chittering Valley and the peri-urban area within 25km of the Perth CBD.