Gingin discusses Grace Darling Park erosion issue

Beach access via Edward Island Point to Grace Darling Park remains closed until further notice.

DUE to safety concerns after serious erosion at Grace Darling Park beach access via Edward Island Point remains closed until further notice and access via Hopkins St will also be closed in the near future.

In Replacing sand at Grace Darling Park not sustainable, Yanchep News Online, June 4 Shire of Gingin President Sam Collard said the Lancelin park had been temporarily closed due to erosion undercutting a gazebo there making it unsafe for people to use.

Cr Collard said the council had decided replacing sand after erosion at the park where recent storms had also badly eroded the beach was not a sustainable option and another solution had to be found.

On Wednesday, August 1 Cr Collard said the shire had held its first coastal erosion working group meeting in the past week to discuss the imminent threat to infrastructure and amenity at the park.

After an on-site meeting at the park to review the erosion situation, the working group, which is made up of councillors and executive staff, met formally to discuss the threat to the public toilets leach drain and septic system.

They also discussed quotations from engineering consultants to undertake an assessment and recommend possible action to cease further erosion.

Cr Collard said the erosion face was about 3m away from the public toilet leach drains and there was a real risk of contaminants entering beach water.

“The working group discussed a range of potential actions including the use of well liners to form a temporary wall, concrete webbed blocks or geo-tech fabric sand bags, however this will be determined by the consultant if action is recommended,’’ he said.

“The removal and relocation of the leach drains and septic tank was also discussed.

“Quotations from coastal engineers have been received and the working group has recommended MP Rogers be the appointed consultant to prepare the report for immediate works required to protect Grace Darling Park and the adjacent marine rescue building. “The working group also agreed that a number of Lancelin organisations be involved in the consultation process – stakeholders have been identified and will be contacted shortly to nominate a representative to participate in the process.’’

He said the shire would continue to update the public with any information as it became available.